Mercedes GLC Exposed in Latest Spy Photos


The Mercedes-Benz GLK replacement has been caught on camera sporting minimal camouflage.

The latest spy photos offer the best look yet at the upcoming GLC crossover, which has shed all of the boxy design cues of its predecessor.

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Gone are the sharp edges that we see today on the GLK, replaced by a more sweeping, stylish design.

The new GLC is based on the C-Class platform and previous spy photos revealed that a plug-in hybrid variant is also in the works. This is also the first time spy photographers have caught a photo of the interior, revealing the prototype’s center console and infotainment screen.

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  • afsaneh

    It is really beautifull but unfortunetly i am looking for a biger car
    The colour and design is very unusuall and i love it , thanks to the manifacturer.

  • FJ

    will this be the same size as the GLK, smaller, bigger? looks like it’s trying to be a Q5, especially in the rear.

  • Dad In Westchester

    DAMN, this is why I went with the GLK over the Escape. They made the Escape a crossover that I hated. Now they do it to the GLK? I don’t want a sleek crossover, I want the ‘boxy’ design of the older Escape and GLK. Why are they ruining SUV’s?

  • DMac

    Agreed. This looks like a lovechild between a Q5 and MDX. Bleh.
    Love my GLK.

  • Arminius

    As I tow some, I’d like the drivetrain of the GLK. I sure don’t want a turbocharged engine!

  • Nolan

    Let’s hope it’s not yet another lemon. Typical of German engineering, though 🙂

  • ATM

    I like the style of the GLK better. Every other vehicle in the class looks like the redesigned GLC.

  • rickyricardo

    to me the purpose of buying a glk was because of its rugged it looks like a suzuki.classless and crappy