Midlife-Crisis Cars are Not all Sports Machines

Midlife-Crisis Cars are Not all Sports Machines

Term “midlife crisis” often brings to mind fast, sporty, brightly colored cars, machines that make their less-than-youthful owners feel young again, but this isn’t always the case.

CarMax jut published the results of a survey and it reveals some surprising things about the kinds of vehicles people purchase at this stage of life. About one in five potential buyers trapped in the throes of a midlife crisis will reach for a sports car but 17 percent said they would purchase an SUV and 15 percent would pick a sedan.

Traditionally, people getting on in years buy a type of car they’ve always wanted. Not surprisingly the Ford Mustang and Chevrolet’s Corvette topped the list when it comes to specific nameplates.

In many people’s minds red is the most popular color for midlife-crisis transportation but according to CarMax that’s not the case. Sure, crimson hues are still fashionable but black was No. 1, followed by silver or gray and blue.

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Of their respondents 30 percent of men said they’d be very or somewhat likely to purchase a car associated with a midlife crisis but only 21 percent of women said the same. According to their survey men still prefer sports cars but women would rather have an SUV.

Not only does gender play a role but so does location. Southerners are most likely to acquire a midlife-crisis car with more than 30 percent of respondents indicating they were likely or very likely to buy one. Conversely Midwesterners are least likely to do this; nearly 80 percent said they would NOT acquire a midlife-crisis vehicle.

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[Source: CarMax]

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