Porsche 911 Turbo Gets New Aero Kit

Porsche 911 Turbo Gets New Aero Kit

There’s a new way to kit out Porsche’s most expensive model in the 911 range.

Today Porsche announced that it will offer a new body kit for the 911 Turbo models that make it look more aggressive. The kit includes a new front spoiler panel and a totally revised rear lid with a revised rear spoiler that has winglets that set it further apart from other versions of the 911.

Porsche says the new kit will allow the 911 Turbo to generate more downforce over both the front and rear axles without sacrificing the unmodified model’s coefficient of drag. In the “speed” setting, Porsche says the kit adds about 37.5 lbs of downforce at its 186 MPH top speed for a total of 57.3 lbs. In the more aggressive “performance” setting, downforce climbs by almost 40 lbs to almost 331 at the same speed.

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There will be two versions of the kit, one painted to match the body color of the car in question and the other in a high-gloss black finish. Current 911 Turbo owners can have their cars retrofitted with the kit and new models can be purchased with it. Germany will get the first crack at buying the “Aerokit Turbo,” but it will be availble globally. U.S. pricing wasn’t announced today, but in Europe it will cost 5,355 euros including VAT, or just over $6,000 USD.

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