Tesla Model S Adds Executive Rear Seats

Tesla Model S Adds Executive Rear Seats

This week Tesla announced that it will offer optional executive rear seats in its Model S electric luxury sedan.

Normally the Model S has a bench seat in the second row, but the company said it will offer a second row of bucket seats the same as the front two that will add 10 millimeters of headroom because the buckets use a deeper cushion than the bench. That also means the middle seat is gone in favor of a nicer arm rest.

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Customers who order their car with the $2,000 package must also have already paid for the $3,500 premium interior package. Apart from offering a more comfortable rear seat ride, it also adds dual-zone heating and a tray within the upgraded arm rest to hold cell phones.

Finally, the Model S is also now available with a heated steering wheel as a part of the subzero weather package.

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