Watch Jeep’s Super Bowl Commercial

Watch Jeep’s Super Bowl Commercial

The Jeep brand might be more closely associated with trampling over trees than hugging them, but the brand appears to be try to rebrand itself with a powerful Super Bowl spot.

Check out the latest ad for the all-new Renegade SUV that aired during Super Bowl XLIX.

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The spot travels around the world to the tune of “This Land is Out Land” and ends on a powerful message “The World is a Gift. Play Responsibly,” before showcasing the Renegade and revealing that its the smallest and lightest SUV on sale in America.

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  • Fed Up Yet America??

    Jeep Super Bowl commercial is batsh!t. That is America’s song, not the world’s. And the Muslim girl with her head covered in the beginning of the commercial infuriated me. I’m tired of the west trying to kiss Islam a$s. Radical Muslims want to kill you and “moderate” Muslims want a radical Muslim to kill you. Feeling sorry tonight for yet the latest victim of Islam – the Japanese journalist who lost his head for telling the truth. I hate everything Islam stands for. Thank you, Jeep, for making my current new car search a bit easier: you are officially crossed off my list.


  • Travis

    It’s probably still a disgrace to the jeep name. But, this should have been the new “Cherokee”.


    yup, pretty much a crap commercial, spent more time out of country than in country for a super bowl ad? ok, not sure what they were thinking, as well, the ad was just flat boring, not a super bowl ad at all, looks like they are trying to sell to seniors out of country! and to use a Song about American while spending most of the video over seas was almost insulting. Jeep is US Icon, this made me think ill never buy another jeep again…..


    then you are welcome to leave this country (if your even here) and go some place they might just take your head off

  • Brush popper

    OK first of all the Song this land is my land this land is your land was written by WOODY GUTHRIE a well known Communist / socialist , read the lyrics The song was written as a protest song to Irving Berlin’s “God Bless America”(written in 1918) ( repopularized in 1938 for the up & coming WWII) Guthrie was sick of its ideals. Some where 4th veres (Two vairants) (THIS VERSE WAS OMITTED FROM THE COMMERCIAL) AS I WENT WALKING I SAW A SIGN THERE AND ON THE IT SAID NO TRESPASSING BUT ON THE OTHER SIDE IT DIDN’T SAY NOTHING THAT SIDE WAS MADE FOR YOU AND ME so much for private property rights.(Remember Private property is a communist no no) I to was upset about the images used by JEEP ooaaaa Chrysler ooaaa FIAT yes that’s right FIAT 50 % ?????OWNERS of Jeep. I feel they made a poor choice for music For an AMERICAN sport on AMERICA’S day,I never cared for Guthrie or the song. AS for me I still own jeep’s three in my driveway now, 11 others in the past all AMC or Chrysler’s no Fiat’s for me !!!!! WE all need to wake up. America was invaded long ago it’s not to late to vote out the vermin politician’s, And restore Irving Berlin’s Ideal America