2016 Camaro Drops 200 Pounds

2016 Camaro Drops 200 Pounds

Chevy’s new Camaro has been put on a diet. 

By using aluminum and other lightweight materials, Chevrolet says it has shaved at least 200 lbs off the curb weight of the new Camaro.

“We kept the cornering confidence and control that make the Gen 5 Camaro 1LE so fun to drive, and added a greater sense of agility,” said Al Oppenheiser, Camaro chief engineer. “The new Camaro brakes harder, flicks into corners more quickly, and drives out of the corner faster. We expect it will set the benchmark in the segment and give many sports cars a challenge.”

2016 Chevrolet CamaroThe lightest version of the current car, the LS coupe with the automatic transmission, weighs in at 3,702 lbs, while the heaviest version of the car, the automatic-transmission SS convertible, weighs 4209 lbs. That puts the base curb weight of the new car around 3,500 lbs.

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Chevy specifically points out that nine pounds were shaved thanks to a new aluminum beam (pictured right) that is used to support the instrument panel, while new suspension components made from aluminum and a rigid composite material make the entire suspension assembly 21 percent lighter than the current car. The 2016 Camaro now sits on a new platform, another factor that helped the car lose weight.

The unveiling of the new Camaro will take place on May.16 at Detroit’s Belle Isle.

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