Aston Martin Sticking with V12 Engines


Aston Martin plans on sticking to what it does best.

While other automakers are downsizing engines to maximize fuel economy, the British automaker has every intention of keeping V12 engines in its lineup. The company will turn to its DBX all-electric model to help keep the V12 alive, as it will offset the big engine’s poor fuel economy. Even still, the big V12 will be revamped to keep it emissions compliant.

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The new V12 won’t be a result of the company’s collaboration with Mercedes-AMG, as that will focus on a new twin-turbo V8 for Aston Martin. CEO Andy Palmer is saying that the V12 will be “fundamentally new,” but it will likely be based on the current 5.9-liter V12 that is naturally aspirated. As for models in the pipeline, the company will bring a successor to the DB9 to market first within the next 18 months. The model will use the same design language previewed in the DB10 being used in the upcoming James Bond flick, Spectre.

Arguably the most exciting news coming from Palmer is that Aston Martin intends to offer a manual transmission for years to come. In fact, Palmer “would love to be the last car manufacturer providing stick shifts in the U.S.”

[Source: Car and Driver]

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  • Jofran

    So they’ll use V12s when other automakers make waaay better V6s and V8s with more HP/Torque? Fail