Chevrolet Trax, Encore Stop-Sale Ordered


General Motors has ordered a stop-delivery on the 2015 Chevrolet Trax and Encore models to resolve a steering issue.

The American automakers have informed dealers that there’s a pending safety recall for the Trax and Encore crossovers to fix a potential loss of electric power steering. The stop-delivery order affects approximately 2,300 units and some of the affected vehicles may have its steering column assembly housing touching against the power steering circuit board. As a result, the contact could eventually wear on the power steering printed circuit board to cause a sudden loss of power steering assist.

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The automaker is working with its supplier to get the parts needed to fix the defect and dealers will be inspecting and possibly replacing the steering column assembly. The defect is similar to an issue that caused Toyota to issue out a recall for 112,000 vehicles earlier this week.

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  • smartacus

    At least British Leyland had the honorable decency of being allowed to go belly up instead of being preserved for eternity like Lenin’s body.

  • Mike

    Nice looking little SUV, but I’ve been burned by GM quality in the past. I’ll stick with Toyota.