Dodge Temporarily Restricts Orders on SRT Hellcat Models


If you’ve been mulling over a Dodge SRT Hellcat model, you might be out of luck for the time being.

The American automaker told Motor Authority that it is “temporarily restricting orders” on the SRT Hellcat models while the company validates current orders that are in the system. Dodge admitted that demand for the Challenger and Charger SRT Hellcats is “unprecedented” and it’s hard not to see why with 707 hp lurking under the hoods of the sports cars.

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Recently, Dodge called out its dealerships for shady business practices on selling the Hellcat models, including taking deposits when it isn’t even guaranteed to get one. The restriction could possibly be in place so that the company can determine which dealerships have legitimate orders or it could simply be an issue of shortage for the highly-demanded models.

[Source: Motor Authority]

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  • Scritti Politti

    These are not sports cars; they’re muscle cars. BIG difference.

    Amateur hour, guys.

  • Don

    Just like music, the definitions of old are morphing. I realized that the other day when I saw my first BMW i535 GT… First off, when did they start calling station wagons that slightly resemble the Toyota Prius from the side profile “GT’ cars? And secondly, when did BMW start making such ugly large beached whales like this new “GT”? Then you have a lot of Tesla Model S owners calling their cars “Sports Cars” instead of “4 Door Sport Coupes”.
    So Scritti Politti, then what do you class the new Camaros and the new Mustangs as? “Muscle Cars” traditionally were sporty American cars with large V8’s that were meant to go fast in a straight line. So all three of these are American cars, they each have large V8’s but unlike “Muscle Cars” they are made to handle around corners… So are they not “Sports Cars”… Sure they have rear seats but these rear seats aren’t meant for too large of an adult… Are the 4 seat Porsche 911 or the 4 seat Nissan GT-R not “Sports Cars”?
    This is one of those subjects that if you ask 100 different people you will more than likely get 100 different answers….