Ford Trolls Ferrari at the Geneva Motor Show


Attendees of this year’s Geneva Motor Show will be greeted by some cheeky humor courtesy of Ford.

After launching its new GT supercar at the Detroit Auto Show the new 650-hp carbon fiber beast has made its way across the Atlantic to go on display in Ford’s booth in Switzerland. To announce it’s coming, Ford has erected a large billboard on the outside of the auto show.

A show known for its supercars, the GT won’t look out of place alongside debuts from the likes of Ferrari and Lamborghini

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The wording is a direct shot across the bow of Ferrari, which launched its new supercar, the egotistically named LaFerrari, at this very show just 2 years ago.

Unlikely rivals, Ford and Ferrari do, however, have a tumultuous history. In the 1960s the Ford Motor Company attempted to buy Ferrari but was rebuffed at the last minute. The move enraged Henry Ford II who, as the story goes, commissioned the original GT40. That car then went on to trounce Ferrari at the 1966 24 Hours of Le Mans sweeping the podium.

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  • Chris

    too funny, the last generation Ford GT was universally loved (Jeremy Clarkson with all his bias bought 2). I think this generation will further the brand,


    haha that’s great


  • Rubens Florentino

    Not only in 1966, but 67; 68 and 69

  • With FCA spinning off Ferrari (retaining about 20% ownership) maybe Ford could finally pick up a controlling interest.

  • ak37

    Nice car, but for the price, I’ll take the Lambo

  • Spudz

    Course Clarkson turned around and sold that Ford Gt. Probably soon after the episode where he drove it around town to show how horribly impractical supercars are to actually own and drive in normal cities.