GM Ignition Switch Deaths Jump to 74

GM Ignition Switch Deaths Jump to 74

The number of deaths officially acknowledged as part of the GM ignition switch recall jumped by seven today.

The death toll has now reached 74 after seven more death claims were approved. Injury claims have now reached 126 as of March 20. While the deadline for victims to file claims was January 31 after GM announced it would not extend it again, the office of attorney Kenneth Feinberg expects to continue processing claims until late spring or early summer. Feinberg was hired by GM to compensate victims last year after the massive ignition switch recall affected millions of vehicles.

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In total, the office has received 4,342 claims and another 1,326 are still under review. The American automaker expects to pay betwee $400 million and $600 million in compensation through the process, although there isn’t a cap the total payout.

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  • Alex M

    The Automakers will never learn from all these bad things going on (Deaths – Injuries -Recalls) They think it’s a good move to ignore the issue because they’re so greedy but at the end what really happens is they’re losing money and getting bad reputation.

    Once you notice there are 10, 20, 30 cars who have the same exact issue you need to be prepaid to do your job as a goddamn Automaker and not acting like we clean and all good.
    Chevy and Ford are getting screwed hard with recalls with fails/issues they can’t keep hiding that shit forever, and that shit is not funny or good for the American market.