Jeremy Clarkson Expects to be Fired, Says BBC is ‘Fucked’

Jeremy Clarkson Expects to be Fired, Says BBC is ‘Fucked’

Jeremy Clarkson doesn’t think things are going to end well with the BBC. 

The famous TV presenter was speaking at a charity event in London, where he was auctioning off a lap of the Top Gear test track with himself behind the wheel. “I’ll do one last lap, before the fucking bastards sack me,” said Clarkson. “The BBC has fucked themselves. It was a great show and they fucked up,” he said. Clarkson also pointed out that there is an 18-year waiting list to be part of the Top Gear studio audience.

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The BBC is currently investigating the incident that got Clarkson suspended and their findings will be released next week. Clarkson apparently assaulted a producer of the show over a catering issue.

Public outcry over the issue has been large, with an online petition to reinstate Jeremy Clarkson hitting 1 million signatures on Friday.

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  • James bacardi

    I love this guy!

  • Aleksandr Strutynskyy

    That punch was well deserved, that director called him “lazy irish cunt” before getting hit in the face. Well done Clarkson.

  • smartacus

    It is factually correct to say BBC is indeed Fu¢keɗ. JC was upholding that entire network with TOP GEAR.
    Nobody will be interested in Stephen Fry taking over, if for no other reason because he’s an even older “dinosaur’ than Clarkson.

  • Rocket

    I love the show, but if you punch somebody at work you should get sacked. How many times was he warned about his behavior? If anybody fucked himself it was Clarkson. Of course, he fucked Richard Hammond, James May, the BBC, and the viewing public, too.

  • Shiratori90

    This guy is a dick and a douche. He F*cked himself.

  • KyleR

    You’re confused, Clarkson said that to the producer, not the other way round.

  • Bo Treat

    punched a producer over catering? surely it was more than that, or jeremy is losing his mind with this spoiled life they’ve given him. good luck to him, hope he burns in hell…

  • Guest

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  • Top gear fun

    That’s why we all love Top Gear! Tell those producers to b–w themselves!Jeremy is the king! I’m sure they’ll beg him to go back, I mean give me a break, it’s not like he is a serial rapist like Cosby… And Cosbys still selling sold out shows…

    Maybe people are being racist against British people!?

  • g38719

    What an absolute bellend this guy is; just do one and retire into obscurity.

  • mohanam

    jeremy needs a break; so too the audience

  • craigcole

    This is a difficult situation. On the one hand Jezza should be punished for getting physical with a producer but on the other how do you just CANCEL one of the greatest, most popular television shows in the world? Personally I find much of Clarkson’s risque commentary and behavior to be an act — like he’s just playing a role — but who knows if that’s how he actually feels …