Kia Sportspace Concept Has a German Seoul


Do you love wagons? I love wagons, and the Kia Sportspace concept is a perfect example of why.

This is the latest design to come from Kia’s European design studio in Frankfurt and – presumably ­– a preview of the next-generation Optima.

And if this is any indication of how the next Optima is going to look, the future is bright. Hallmark design elements from the brand like the tiger nose grille are intact, but the Sportspace takes the trendy look Kia already has going and makes it even more attractive.

2015 Geneva Motor Show Coverage

Bear in mind that this is a concept car that Kia designed for Europe, so it probably isn’t an indication that there will be a wagon version of the Optima for North America in the future, but something like that could certainly help its popularity on this side of the planet.

If you love the exterior, wait until you see the inside where there are a duo of large screens reminiscent of the current Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

Further emphasizing that this is more of a production preview than a design study, it has a 2.0-liter direct-injected gasoline four-cylinder engine that sends 250 metric horsepower to the front wheels.

But with any luck, this is a strong indication of the styling cues bound for Kia’s next mid-size sedan.

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  • Todd Broeker

    If the sedan is as cool as this wagon concept, it looks like I’ll be trading my Optima in for this re-design! I LOVE IT!!! I’d consider a wagon, if they offered it in the US, but I’m sure they won’t. I think we’re missing out and so is KIA!

  • Alfonso Peterson

    Completely agree with you. I think this wagon on something close to it from KIA would do quiet well here state side. I’m with you I will be a repeat customer if the sedan looks anything close to this and would buy the wagon if it came here. The kicker is I’m not a wagon guy at all.. Come on Kia put your money where your concept is and bring that thing to the US.

  • Sky Pilot

    I too completely agree. I just purchased a 2015 Optima SXL and it is proving to be one of the best cars I’ve ever owned. I wanted a wagon (to replace a 2004 Saturn LW300, which now has 155,000 mile son it) and NOT a bulky SUV, but there are no good ones out there to be had, so I opted for the Optima. IF this is EVER released and still retains any of the great lines as the concept version has, I will trade in the Optima for it.

  • Kellan

    The Lord has answered my prayers! Oh lawd yes….

  • Dt Bell

    make it all wheel drive.