Lexus LF-SA Concept: Little Car, Big Style


While the other automakers are comparing horsepower, zero-to-sixty times and top speeds, Lexus is taking a more practical approach to the 2015 Geneva Motor Show, by showcasing its LF-SA city car concept.

To give you some context, the the LF-SA Concept is 135 inches long, making it 9 inches shorter than a Chevy Spark. But it still features seating for up to four passengers. Of course, beyond its small size, the most eye catching thing about the LF-SA is its design. Lexus says the car has a “Time in Design” styling approach where your perceptions of the vehicle will change when viewed from different angles. That is clearly the case with the cars new interpretation of the spindle grille, which on the LF-SA is far more angular than in past iterations of the design element.

Another striking design feature of the LF-SA is its wheel arches – a rare element in subcompact cars. Of course Lexus is still going full bore with an arrow-head motif, as seen in the headlights, daytime running lights and tail lights.

2015 Geneva Motor Show Coverage

Inside the concept features a sweeping dashboard that helps to emphasize the width of the small car. Despite having four seats, the car is clearly catered to the driver, as the pilots seat isn’t adjustable. Instead the steering wheel and pedals adjust to the person in charge. The passenger seat slides to give access to the rear accommodations. This being a concept, it also includes a futuristic infotainment system with a hologram-style digital display and a wide-angle head-up-display.

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  • smartacus

    imagine the comparo between this and the MINI Minor, and maybe the Yamaha/Gordon Murray Motiv city-car in a couple of years.

  • Rocket

    “Little car, big mouth” would have been a more appropriate headline. Seriously … I must be looking at at different photos, because I can’t seem to find the ‘style’.

  • craigcole

    This reminds me of a Lexus version of the iQ. I’ll pass, thanks.