McLaren 570S First in ‘Sport Series’ Family’

McLaren 570S First in ‘Sport Series’ Family’

McLaren released another teaser image previewing its upcoming 570S sports car ahead of the official debut next week.

This is the latest exotic product based on a carbon fiber monocoque and a turbocharged 3.8-liter V8 to come from the British sports car builder. The 570S will round out McLaren’s pla for a three-tier product line fulfilled by the entry-level Sport Series models, followed by the 650S (part of the Super Series) and capped by the plug-in hybrid P1 (representing the Ultimate Series).

2015 New York Auto Show Preview

Just like the 650S, McLaren’s latest car is named to indicate the horsepower its engine generates: 570 [metric] horsepower or 562 hp. There aren’t any other official details about the car yet.

McLaren will first show the 570S to the media during a closed preview event on Monday, March 30 followed by its official auto show debut on Wednesday, April 1, at its press conference during the 2015 New York Auto Show.