New Bill Seeks $5,000 Fine for Rolling Coal

New Bill Seeks $5,000 Fine for Rolling Coal

If passed, a new bill will see drivers who are “rolling coal” fined up to $5,000. 

Rolling coal, or rollin’ coal, is the act of modifying a diesel vehicle, usually a pickup truck, to spew black smoke and soot. The trend hit the mainstream in the summer of 2014 with numerous viral videos of truck drivers dumping large plumes of black soot on passers by.

While the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) already has laws that apply to tampering with a vehicle’s emission controls, Rep. Will Guzzardi from the Illinois General Assembly is proposing a new bill that would directly target coal rollers.

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The bill seeks to amend the current Environmental Protection Act and states that, “no person shall retrofit any diesel-powered vehicle with any device, smoke stack, or other equipment that enhances the vehicle’s capacity to emit soot, smoke, or other particulate emissions, or shall purposely release significant quantities of soot, smoke, or other particulate emissions into the air and onto roadways and other vehicles while operating the vehicle.”

Under the new law the maximum fine would be $5,000.

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  • craigcole

    I’m no environmentalist but these a**hats should be fined. Not only do they bellow smoke like a pyre of Pirellis they often drive like jerks as well.

  • Jeff

    $5000 seems excessive but I could see $500 since that’s the max for road rage and this is an act of harassment. As far as the environment is concerned how much impact/vehicle/incidence is it really? And what about my wood burning fireplace, is it going to be fined? I think they would have to focus on the abuse part of this.

  • smartacus

    just to play devil’s advocate here; there is no $5000 fine for first-officer Lubitz locking out the captain and plunging the plane into the alps

  • smartacus

    and OY VEY! , no $5000 fine for co-pilot Lubitz who locked out the captain and plunged the plane into the alps!

  • Red Raspberry

    Nothing like being trapped in traffic and then get the smoke storm from some jerk in the next lane.

  • Rickers

    Are you speaking from personal experience?

  • Rickers

    Yup. Only douchebags go Rollin’Coal

  • ColumWood

    I’m compelled to point out that the definition of Rollin Coal from the Urban Dictionary is hilarious!

  • Bill

    You must have a Modified diesel truck that rolls black smoke out of it .. using all those as examples is just plain dumb..

  • Gshep71

    Since when did it become a sex issue, you didot?

  • Bill

    I have a Diesel truck and it has plenty of power stock .. guys that need to boost the power up so much it pours black smoke are just plain idiots and deserve what’s coming .. every time i’m driving and see someone’s truck doing that it makes me think of why we are getting more and more strict Smog Laws on Diesel trucks.. thanks to the Jerks who don’t care

  • chester

    Just because you don’t want to admit that it’s a problem doesn’t make it a dumb example

  • Diesel truck owner

    I have a diesel truck, and my truck does “Roll Coal”, because I removed all the emission craps the trucks now come with. I didn’t remove it to “roll coal” I removed for fuel economy reasons which is WAY better now I might add.

    New trucks are designed to be environmental more friendly than previous diesels, with this change the consumers pocket books are being hit hard as you don’t get the fuel economy associated with diesel trucks. the only way to do this is to remove the emission crap, when you remove the emissions you have to put a tuner in your truck to override the codes generated by the computer in the truck because you removed the emissions….. in order to start/drive your truck again

    SO we reduce the black smoke in diesels to help the environment, but at the same time we are now burning more fuel. Seems like the only people who win here are the big ole gas companies and the EPA with their fine revenue.

  • Corbin Mills

    My truck never had emission reducing equipment (7.3L). It smokes, and nobody complains about it because I’m not an asshole who blows smoke on people for no reason.

    It’s because of the idiots who think it’s funny to be a dick to people who did nothing to them that the diesel community is coming under fire.

  • hoosiercub88

    It says the fine has a max of $5000, which means it very well could be a $500 fine.. $5000 if it’s excessive or aggravated, or even a repeat offender.

  • hoosiercub88

    I’d further like to point out the 20 words related to:

    black smoke
    diesel truck
    roll coal
    coal rolling
    injector pump
    massive erection
    see below for why
    smokin out the intersection

  • onthedot

    Most of the jacked up trucks where I live are rolled. They like to shower pedestrians and bikers with black soot. Not cool. I also have a chemist friend. We asked if he would rather breathe exhaust from a gasoline or diesel engine. He said neither, of course, but that he would never breathe diesel fumes if he could help it, because they are so much worse for you, chemically.

  • truck guy

    I own a couple of diesel trucks and they are tuned up for pulling as a hobby. . What I’d like to know is would this affect hobbies like truck and tractor pulls ? Like NTPA ? I do agree that the rich 16 year olds should be ticked for smoking people out on the roads but I do like my hobby

  • billy jean

    I have no problem with this as long as they fine the tractor trailer trucks as well. (which they can’t/won’t)

  • Zach

    My 1989 d250 with a 12valve 750k miles rolls coal shifting but once it’s in final gear it don’t smoke anymore how can I stop it from smoking without rebuilding it?

  • jdm

    It will only affect the idiots that “roll” the puffs here and there won’t be targeted, excessive smoke for more than a set amount of time will be the target. Off road vehicles at the race/pull track won’t be affected.

  • Dan Satter

    They do and its always on books in most states

  • Dan Satter

    I dont ever roll coal to hurt anyone but my stock truck straight piped does roll coal under a full pull but that why I have my truck is to pull loads. The law needs to be more directed to the city boys who just play with there trucks and never use them.

  • tom

    because you cant fine a dead guy maybe…just guess but im sure being dead is like the ultimate fine

  • Farmerboy

    Haha you poor child

  • clay

    Everything is bad for you hippie types.

  • smartacus

    I know you love to fist yourself you dog licker, but take it elsewhere, sweetcheeks 🙂

  • smartacus

    and you must have ugly loser children who will never get far in life 🙂

  • smartacus

    he fined all those innocent people along with him.

  • bajablazer85

    You know when people are out of come backs when they start punching low. You tapped out pretty quickly, I’m surprised.

  • Brian Burroughs

    Let’s first Start with ALL the School Buses

  • ……

    Go hug a tree

  • Gshep71

    Judging by your profile picture – you’re in the service industry. What is it, now, police? Security? It’s amazing that those who “protect and serve” are total douche bags behind a keyboard. Boot camp may have taught you to brandish a weapon but it sure as shit didn’t teach you manners. Because yo’ momma certainly didn’t, either.

  • nolan2189

    Your chemist friend is an idiot and should go back to school. Gas produces carbon monoxide which will kill you, diesel does not. Also the only “environment damaging” as per the EPA from diesel is NOX and it doesnt effect the ozone it is an extra compound that sits up there till it gets burned off from the sun.

  • Mike

    Sir you need to go back to school, I have driven semi trucks since 1990, every year several drivers die from carbon monoxide poisoning from exhaust leaks, most of the time the driver is in sleeper and dies in his/her sleep. For that reason I carry a carbon monoxide detector in truck. Any engine that burns a fossil fuel has carbon monoxide as a by product.

  • Robert St Clair


  • tj

    This is dumb. What they don’t understand is, there’s a only a handful of people that purposely modify their truck to roll coal and only a handful of the one’s who are tools and thinks “cool” to do it on people. And also what they don’t get is that a stack or changing where the exhaust exits the vehicle nothing to do with making it roll a bunch of coal. Sure rollin coal is fun, but there’s a time and place and not on people or on the streets.

  • penisbutterjelly

    1st. No
    2nd. the particulates (or coal) emitted from diesels is a known carcinogen

  • Ryan Kornblum

    Or what they could do Is ban it if the pipes are in the stock location. But not if it’s stacks. Stacks will just send the it up and its not effecting anyone then. And does this make the sport truck pulling illegal

  • Lance Cormier

    Billy Jean, You need to either go back to school, Learn about the the trucking industry more and/or don’t mouth off facts about truck drivers until you’ve done it for a living hauling loads from Point A to B, For Truck Drivers This law has been affective since 2004, So, what you just stated that they can’t and won’t fine affect truck driver is actually a lie, California will also give you another $10,000 Of you try and cross there state with a truck that’s older than a 2006, Because, Of these type’s of Pollution Law’s, We’re actually not allowed to Idle our trucks at Truck Stops in some states and have to invest what’s called a APU System which is about another $8,000 the driver or company owner is forced to pay out off his own pocket for these Pollution Laws, The reason why this law is coming out is because of behaver levels, now a day’s mommy and daddy will pay out of their pockets to buy their child a expensive first Vehicle, Most Trucking Companies and Insurance Companies for trucking won’t hire you to drive a until your 26 Years Old because of younger people’s behaver in Today’s society, this is actually a good thing that’s happening and finally diesel pick up owners will be responsible for their actions and the Truck Drivers won’t have to always pay for it, because, As you know everyone always Luke to pick on and point their fingers at Truck Drivers in today’s society

  • Ameno Sagiri

    Wow, I hope this passes. Fucking assholes always clouding up and entire street when I’m in a countryside OR going down a main road in a town. Can’t breathe, can’t see, not to mention, that is an excessive amount of pollution for one vehicle to be spewing out. Next up is School Buses and Semi-Trucks (Probably won’t happen, nobody will make profit off that since this country is ran like a big corporation).

  • Ameno Sagiri

    How in the actual fuck did you figure out how to use a computer you inbred hillbilly?

  • Ameno Sagiri

    “SMARTacus”, more like GAYacus, am I right you guys? XDDDDDDD HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ameno Sagiri

    Dead end argument, try again.

  • Ameno Sagiri

    I really don’t care if they do that shit OFF the road. But the ones that do it on the road shouldn’t be driving on the road.

  • Eric Saatkamp

    Lance u couldn’t have said it any better. It’s sad how many people bitch about truck drivers/ tractor trailers. I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t care what was coming out of the exhaust if all the shelves in their favorite store were empty.

  • Tesla Fan

    Sell that POS and get something else

  • Tesla Fan

    Oh, so diesel isnt harmful in any way? LOLOLOLOLOLOL idiot

  • Tesla Fan

    trucks suck

  • Tesla Fan

    seems like the people that win are me driving electric emitting no tailpipe emissions

  • Tesla Fan

    I wish all trucks would hug a tree (crash and get hung around them because trucks f*cking suck)

  • Shannon

    Just for the record their are already laws against Roaling coal. You can get a big ticket depending on how dark the smoke is and how long it takes to clear the air and make the road visible. Who cares if people have stacks, that doesn’t make it smoke it redirects the smoke up instead of out the rear. Most people who have sense modify their diesels to give them more power for pullin or racing. Depending on what kind of engine you have it’s gonna roal coal reguardless if it’s modified or not. And for the people talking about getting rid of busses and semi trucks use your head and think about how much that would effect a lot of people. Kids go to school on busses a lot of adults go to work on busses and truckers are gone for months at a time transporting goods everywhere. My point is not everyone drives like an asshole like y’all are sayin. And for those who do black out roads they will get caught soon enough

  • Eric Saatkamp

    Hate to tell you this bud but all newer school buses/ semis/ diesel pickups/ and tractors have these fancy emissions systems on them. The first one would be the egr system. EXHAUST GAS RECIRCULATION. It sends a portion of unburnt fuel back into the intake to be mixed with new fuel and is burnt up the next compression stroke of the engine. That’s been around for awhile. The second would be the dpf exhaust with the catalyst injection. dpf (diesel particulate filter) is basically a really fine filter in the exhaust that catches 99% of the soot and the catalyst is sprayed into the exhaust to burn all the soot up at a very high temp. That’s the regeneration cycle if I’m correct. These dpfs get clogged up over time and all the vehicles have to be taken to a shop to have the filters cleaned. Just an extra expense for the hardworking middle man. And they get shittier fuel mileage. But anyways there are emission controls on diesels so quit ur bitching. And then theres the Small percentage of people that modify there pickups to “roll coal” because they dont give two fucks about people like you and do what they want.

  • Michael Richard

    You can’t “direct” a law to a specific group. That’s profiling, and the law is the law.

  • Michael Richard

    And then let’s start with your mouth.

  • Michael Richard

    Like something that needs to be plugged in overnight so you’re not left stranded on the side of the road, and then get stuck sucking in all the fumes?

  • jimmy

    All you that agree GO FUCK YOURSELF…… go recycle your Prius battery’s properly ….. you can’t go fuck a tree some more…. the hazardous waste from a battery is way worse for the environment then coal rolling and will never decompose.

    Yall are just some bitch ass democrats that agree with any tree hugging word… I love my lifted diesel and will roll coal over any Prius i see.

    I am a reckless redneck country white trash country Son of a bitch. Fuck you environmentalists

  • Dean

    You kiss your sister with that mouth?

  • jerry mander

    Okay, next time you want anything towed, hauled, a house or a pool built use your fucked up electric car, don’t call a truck driver. How was your precious tesla heap factory built? Did trucks bring anything moron?

  • jerry mander

    See, it doesn’t take a superior libtard mind to learn anything like you freaks believe.

  • Matt

    This was inevitable. Because of billy bob dumbass and his Rollin coal we now have to worry about this. Even though you could state the case that today’s Diesel engines run cleaner than gas ones the minute one of these dipshits rolls coal the argument is void. People believe what they see. If you don’t act in a responsible manner, there is always someone willing to force you to

  • aj7885

    the article/law applies to “modified” diesels.

  • faaaaq


  • faaaaq

    This bill is directed at modified vehicles. Also, you running straight pipes is likely illegal in the first place, so I wouldnt worry about this bill 😉

  • TXdmax

    True, there are no tailpipe emissions. But for the amount of electricity used to charge your batterys there is still a fairly substantial “carbon footprint”. All power plants require something to burn. Be it coal or natural gas. And don’t even get me started on the waste coming from nuclear power plants. It takes a lot of current to charge an electric car.

    Btw: I love my 29 mpg duramax diesel.

  • Responsible Diesel owner

    The whole “device” portion of this bill is bullshit, leave it to someone from Illinois to blame an inanimate object for the action of some asshole using it irresponsibly. They should make this law just like every other traffic law, cop sees you rolling coal, you get to pay a fine, even higher if you do it intentionally in another person’s face. I have 2 diesels, both modified. One is modified to get better mileage, 45 mpg avg. And the other is modified to keep exhaust temps down while towing so I don’t blow the turbo… both of these vehicles have devices on them that could enable coal rolling (even a stock truck with manual transmission can roll coal), yet neither have ever done so. Punish the action, not the object.

  • Zedhead

    guys that think it’s funny to smoke someone are the problem. It’s where
    all the EPA BS started. Some of these idiots did it to the wrong
    people. Someone in power, in the Government. Your silly little smoke
    show’s have screwed all of us that tune properly. All that smoke is
    nothing more than unburned fuel. If you can’t burn it, your wasting it.
    Either stuff more air down her throat, or turn your fuel down! IDIOTS!

  • Zedhead

    Not to mention that all that black smoke is nothing more than unburned fuel. And expensive fuel at that.

  • corey

    like to see them try to fine me since my truck is pre smog and there for its exempt in ca and you don’t have to add anything or put anything into it to have it smoged

  • Lance Cormier

    Again, go back to school, Either actually drive a truck, Sit in the seat yourself and do it for a living and/or don’t shout facts about the trucking industry that aren’t true, These Pollution Law’s for Truck Drivers have been out since 2004 and we get fined $10, 000 and we’re not aloud to Idle at a truck stop in stone States or else you’d get fined, That’s where we’re forced to invest in something called an APU System and that costs $5,000 that either has to come out of either the driver of the truck or the companies owner’s of the truck, Of it’s a company owner, We also get tested right when we enter California and get fined $10,000 If we fail the test and try and enter their state with a truck older than a 2006, so, don’t say they can’t and won’t find us, we do have law’s already, that’s been way in effect, before they even thought about doing diesel pick up’s, Just another person to point the finger at Truck drivers without knowing half of what goes on in our industry workout even having time in the seat themselves

  • Lance Cormier

    I feel I did, people always point the figure at our tough industry/job without having seat time themselves or as to what really is half of the truth, I’m glad they are finally doing something with the diesel pick up’s and the Truck drivers will no longer have to pay for it, It’s finally nice to see them finally held for their own actions

  • Lance Cormier

    And again, I’m glad something like this is happening to diesel pick up owners and truck drivers will no longer have to pay for it and btw FYI: It actually started with the truck drivers back in 2004, Now they’re moving onto diesel pick up’s and buses maybe the future

  • jesusmchitlermelon

    You are awear that treehugging fuckwits arent the only ones that hate your faggot over componsating , kaltire lifted giant cock mobile? normal people that see you for yhe wannabe cousin fucker you are hate them too specificly for the reson you think its hardcore to be a “redneck” and fucking ” roll coal” on people deffenetly dont drive a prius but id like to see you pull that shit on anyone who has the balls to whip a wrench through you r window and pull your bitch ass out fuck you, you cousin fucking under educated extra chomosomed ass motherfucker

  • jesusmchitlermelon

    You can? They have laws directed towards alcohal users laws towars drug users and every other criminal type stfu dipshit

  • Ridgerunner

    I drive a jacked up F250 crew cab, long bed,Deisel truck with 35″ tires and I think you’re an asshole too.

  • mitch

    Some people should be going after all the big cites dumping shit in the lakes mmmm and desile is more cleaner to burn

  • JD

    This comment is dumb. Oh you cant breathe. Come on. Lol!

  • enginboy

    That sounds like something I would have said , I wish I had.

    Also wish I had the money these idiots through away . Just to get people to pay attention to their narcissistic asses.

  • enginboy

    They have laws that profile people that are criminals, if you break the law you are a criminal. It doesn’t matter if you agree with the law or not you disobey the law you’re a criminal and liable to prosecution.

    One more thing I have more of a right to breath clean air, then the idiots that roll coal have to make unnecessary smoke.

    I don’t think that there is anything wrong with making modifications to your engine . But people should use their trucks responsibly,

    As far as Truck Pulls and Racing I think exceptions should and will be made, as they do for gas and methanol and nitro-methane burning cars.

  • enginboy

    You don’t see trucker making excessive smoke like the idiots that roll coal with pickups . When you are lucky to get 6 or 7 miles to the gallon truckers look for every way they can to save fuel ,and blowing smoke is wasting fuel plain and simple.

  • enginboy

    Nolan you need to check your facts, diesels emit carbon monoxide, and gas burners also emit NOX . If it burns fossil fuel it is going to have emissions of Carbon Monoxide and NOX. Nitrogen Oxides (NOX) can be control by controlling exhaust temperatures, that is why they came up with the EGR system. Diesel also emit dioxsens,also sulfur compounds.

    Ozone forms in chemical reactions in the atmosphere when nitrogen oxides
    (NOx) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), also called hydrocarbons
    (HC), come into contact with both sunlight and heat

  • Flicker

    One of my trucks came with straights from the ford warehouse. Straight pipes don’t make a vehicle roll coal. The user, air/fuel ratio, and load are the 3 main causes of the excess unburnt fuel you see emitted from the vehicle.

  • enginboy

    WHAT? has that got to do with anything that we are talking about here?

    Are you drinking?

  • rick diesel

    I’m curious obout your comment

    How can you get 45 mpg on a diesel ?

  • tits

    modern trains use electricity to turn its wheels, although a diesel generator makes the electricity an AC motor provides the actual movement. Electricity is much more powerful than most people think, just need an easy way to store it long term.

  • Steve

    I wonder if they will fine the City of Tucson Buses who seem to “roll coal” more than my ford does on an average acceleration.

  • MrDoug

    if they want u they will get u

  • MrDoug

    well it was only a matter of time,Just how long did the coal rollers think this would last..Fuc with the man and he will burn your azz and make all us tuners and mixers suffer from stupidity of the few.

  • MrDoug

    I get 29 on my 05 Cummings, no load just cruising and no coal lol

  • MrDoug

    I bet you smoke two packs a day. I see you as a fuced up liberal in panty hose with an artificial dick molesting some child in your utopia

  • Strunz0

    Good thing my EFI tunes are clean 😉

  • MrDoug

    you mean fine the tax payers

  • Drew Nelson

    It’s called a TDI…

  • PRevere

    Tell these “national socialists” to get a real job. They’re also regulating cow farts and soon it’ll be how many times per day we can breathe, tell them no and do not coward to their unfounded, bad science wants.

  • Michael Richard

    You ignorant asshole. You can’t direct a law to just a teenager. If its a law, it’s a law for any adult. So take your stupid fist and shove it up your cunt.

  • Michael Richard

    I actually think you’re pretty funny!

  • Michael Richard


    That’s all I have to say, retard.

  • rbhatl

    I can see waiting to get a hold of one of these punks and beating their eyes shut. I won’t need to do that now that they got this new law.

  • Lance Cormier

    That’s because, Truck Drivers act responsible and not most companies will hire you until your 26 Years Old for Insurance Company Purposes

  • Lance Cormier

    Unlike a diesel pick up where mommy and daddy will buy you your first expensive vehicle now aday’s when your under 26 Years Old, back in the day it was also unheard of If you were under 26 Years Old and had a Diesel Pick Up

  • LibertyPrime

    No, you’re kind of retarded. You can direct a law at teenagers. Ever hear of curfew? Mandatory schooling? Underage smoking? Underage drinking?

  • Blackman

    I’d love to see you do that to me!

  • Blackman

    Its ok that school buses around the country “soot” on a “regular” operating day. But we do it a couple of times and we’re the bad guy. How about targeting the REAL problem, COMMERCIAL TRUCKS! DICKHEADS!

  • Blackman

    EXACTLY!!!! NOT!!

  • Blackman

    I think the point about the buses is exactly that, in other words you can’t discriminate. Although I agree if you were “intentionally” trying to be a douche bag then yes you should get ticketed. I have dual 8″ stacks on mine and drive responsibly, if I get stopped for that reason and only that reason then that’s discrimination towards a a school bus or any bus for that matter that soots from the time its started

  • Blackman

    about sums it up

  • Michael Richard

    Not a moving traffic violation you numb nuts. If you do a burnout in front of a cop, you’ll get cited for reckless driving. It doesn’t matter if your 18 or 81.

  • Blackman


  • Blackman


  • Blackman


  • Blackman

    Thank God for you,
    The City Boys

  • Turbolq4 .

    No such thing as a “Cummings”

  • Patrick

    Splendid. Now those of us who drive pre-emissions rigs which do sometimes “roll coal” without any modification, or any intentional act, can get ticketed. Marvelous. Two levels of absurdity here: the uber-environmentalists, and the idiots who piqued their interest by not heeding the common sense reality that there’s a time and place for things like rolling coal, and in somebody’s face along the street is neither. Oh well… tickets or not, I’m aiming my 7.3 straight for 1,000,000 miles.

  • mikev

    This comment is so stupid that it literally makes my head hurt.

  • Paul

    I don’t think the fine is about the actual pollution I think its more of a fine for the stupidity of the guys that modify their trucks so they can intentionally pollute. I would say forego the fine and if you catch someone rolling coal yard them out of their trucks and hold thier face in their tailpipe until the puke.

  • jon

    Hey Fuck face, if it weren’t for truckers like me you would have nothing. So shut your Fucking mouth

  • john

    If you think it’s acceptable to drive by a motorcyclist and spew that soot in their face, then you’d better expect a wrench through your window. No questions, that’s just straight up idiotic to pass by other motorists and obstruct their view.. like the asshats in this video.

  • EVERYONE is born an atheist

    Yea, but it appears you are doing it to be a douchebag.

  • EVERYONE is born an atheist

    I’d love to see it too. For real.

  • Neko

    only one i agree with was the part were they got the WBBC

  • th

    What about the older pickups? Old 7.3’s. 6.9’s. 6.5 GM’s. All of the old Detroit 2 strokes, they are notorious for black smoke! So if the bill passes, what will happen is that you’ll have officers chasing down diesel trucks looking for the black smoke. And then when they see it, they’re going to stop the driver, and of course once the stop is initiated, they’ll have every right to want to search. Or to write tickets for cracks in windshield. Or tires that don’t have enough tread. They can ticket you for almost everything; and this is just one more thing they can make a little money from, and NOTHING more.
    The problem is policing it. What has been modified, how, or has it even been modified (some older trucks smoke-that’s the way they are). How much would it cost to enforce it versus how much is made by the fines? Guarantee….I’ll be the first one to take them to court if ticketed. Mine smokes, it’s an older truck-and it does that. And it’s 100% unmodified.
    The “problem” is so small that it’s not even funny. How about diesel drag racing vehicles? I haven’t read the bill, but if it’s worded right, diesel drag trucks and also truck pulling contests will be all illegal. Another huge hit for the motorsports industry. But what does the US EPA care? They’re looking for ways to make a little cash-and line the pockets of the auto manufacturers, and nothing more-at the expense of “the people” who voted them into office.

  • LowJack68

    I don’t see a problem with these redneck retards doing this with their trucks; it is a good way of letting the ladies know there is a small penis on board.

  • vader

    Some people just need to learn how to read.

    retrofit………….. enhances the vehicle’s capacity to emit……… purposely release significant quantities of soot……..

    Whats not to understand? This covers intentional emission of black smoke from purposeful modifications, not crappy running bone stock engines.

  • Mitch

    Rolling tons of coal is not a good thing. It means your engine is running rich and will melt your piston rings. People who think its cool clearly doesn’t know how an engine works and should stick to riding the bus with their little Browning baseball cap and camo iphone case.

  • JW675

    Race vehicles are considered “offroad/Offhighway” vehicles therefore do not apply to most regulations.

  • Rob Alpacaflip

    “Purposefully modified” idiot.

  • Rob Alpacaflip

    lolling at the idiots not reading it. “Purposefully modified” your bone stock 7.3 IDI or 5.9 cummins isn’t “PURPOSEFULLY MODIFIED” to spew soot.

    if you modified it to do so, then you deserve the 5k fine for being a retard

  • matt raper

    I was almost killed one time because sum mother fucker decided to do that while I was riding my motorcycle behind them it caused me to swerve into oncoming traffic where I was almost hit head on by a car. Literally 10 feet between me and death and I was spared.!I’ll never forget that day nor that truck. It had a large decal across the back window that said ” WHAT IS OZONE”. Recklass cock sucking son of a bitch!! That’s how people get killed!

  • Devin

    I have seen this shit around my town, if someone wants to do that to me or my car then they better fucking expect me to follow them until they stop and get out of their lifted pussy ass truck that they use to compensate for their small man syndrome lol

  • Chris

    Guess someone forgot about super-efficient rail lines that used to be the ONLY way to get big loads different places, and the country used to do just fine with them.

  • Chris

    Wow, someone doesn’t have much room to talk about education. You obviously can’t even use spellcheck or a dictionary.

  • Chris

    That’s because the government is actually incorporated and is therefore a corporation…. the South had it right.

  • Dieselman1321

    Fuck you Prius riding faggots now I’m gonna blow soot on ur wife’s pussy

  • CupcakeKawaii

    Wow, that’s a great attitude to have. And your homophobic statement doesn’t even make sense, faggots don’t have wives. That’s fine though, you go ahead and git yerself tght $5,000 ticket for being an ignorant asshole that cares nothing about the environment or anyone else.

  • Scott

    Did you miss the part about “purposefully modified”? As for your “commercial trucks” point, at least a commercial truck is doing a job. How many “commercial trucks” have you ever seen on the road spewing smoke and soot…because it happens to be a hobby the driver enjoys participating in? Good grief. Lift your stock truck. Modify it to spew particulates into the air. Practicality and functionality isn’t your goal. “Look at me! Look at me!”, is what you’re after.

  • Scott

    “do not coward”
    What does that even mean? Since you also mentioned “national socialists”, and your user ID is “PRevere”, I’m assuming you’re a pseudo-educated conservative talk radio listener and Fox News viewer. Therefore, you’re completely unqualified to comment on “bad science” or “science” at all for that matter.

  • BennyB

    Why not go after the manufacturer Making these parts, or is it just a big cash grab? Tax the manufacturer on sales. Tax the supplier on sales and installations, then fine the consumer. That’s a good way to make money I guess. Sucks some douchebags put their programmers to the max, roll coal down a whole block and ruin it for everyone else. Some guys just want a reliable, fuel efficient diesel truck. Unfortunately that requires certain deletes on the emission controls.

  • Logo

    It is people like this that make bad names for the diesel world. Does my truck roll coal? Yes. But it is minimal as “clean tunes” exist and the coal is just a byproduct of power. It doesn’t need to be obsessive like these videos but it does need to be there.

  • steve

    you can modify an engine for power and economy though. As a byproduct of the modifications you can get blow through at lower rpm. The problem is it has become a trend to do it to get blow through. The laws will hinder the first group to punish the few.

  • CompressionIgnition

    I hate how misinformed the government, the local authorities, and all of you cookie cutter, brainwashed, head-up-your-ass, motherfuckers all are. You are all uneducated in the world of diesel, the modification of such machines, and most importantly the effects on the environment. If you think your better than someone else, go fuck yourself. If you think you dont contribute to global warming or whatever other kinda bullshit the government has put in your head, do so again. The government is a business, the men and women in charge of this country today are liars and thieves. Dont believe everything you read, see, and hear. Before you go shootin accusations around, take a look in your own backyard. None of you are perfect, none of you will ever be. If you want to spend your days drinking water, driving a prius, doing yoga, and whatever other kinda yuppee shit. Be by guest. But dont judge others, its not your place. If you havnt realized this world is every man for themeleves. Backroad america will stand and fight as weve always done. Back the fuck off.
    -proud owner of a coal rolling 6.0 powerstroke

  • smartacus

    Not at all. She came out begging for it so I just felt charitable.

  • smartacus

    well you judged my profile picture hopelessly inaccurately. And yo’ momma is also yo’ sister 🙂

  • smartacus

    haha! The “guys” have answered you with silence… because YOU are as fruity as Elton John’s edible underwear 🙂
    And we guys don’t know how you got that champagne bottle so far up into your rectum?

  • Jim

    So eloquently stated. Hope you understand sarcasm. Oops two sentences without vulgarity, hence you probably don’t understand what I infer.

  • smartacus

    you put the gay in gaymer. Your new name is gaymer pile

  • smartacus

    why no, but you are sucking 🙂

  • Hows_That_Change_Working_ForYa

    Add to the $5000. fine by taking away their vehicle. It’s the only way to teach a dumb ass redneck whose intelligence is measured on one hand.

  • Gshep71

    I figured I’d do you a courtesy, seeing as you judged my username inaccurately as well. Also, that was weak. Consider yourself KO’d from this thread.

  • Danny Wade

    Attention-seeking behaviors like that make it hard to tell whether there’s any fundamental difference between a toddler and a grown-ass man.

    If you don’t know obnoxiousness from real power, or learn that respect and courtesy aren’t the same as weakness, you will never have inner strength, and your soul will always be as easy to crush as a ping pong ball.

  • Danny Wade

    Are you TRYING to make yourself look weak, or are you too stupid to see that’s what you’re doing?

  • Danny Wade

    Piss off enough neighbors and you might find out how much of a vulnerability it is to have an easily identifiable vehicle with pneumatic tires that can be disabled with a pocket knife.

  • Danny Wade

    “…will roll coal over any Prius i see.”

    A motor vehicle is a coward’s weapon. You got nothing.

  • smartacus

    mmm, nah. Consider yourself utterly defeated and even worse off now than before you attacked me, not just because of your sad lie about who misjudged whose profile pic being pretty obvious for everyone to see and hoping something…anything you say hopefully having some sort of effect on me
    Sorry to see you maim yourself like that. kinda funny watching you self-destruct 🙂

  • Gshep71

    The fact that you’ve written me a mini novel tells me you’re taking this very personally. I’m sorry.

  • smartacus

    Wow, I don’t know why I’m being blessed today, but Thank You 🙂
    Unfortunately for you, you just described yourself perfectly.
    Your own evidence…you are still here aren’t you?

  • CompressionIgnition

    I dont need your dr. Phil horseshit. This article is a load of crap, as is all of your opinions on the matter. Sure theres a line that isnt to be crossed on this topic, but you, myself, and everyone else reading this knows this whole thing has been blown out of purportion and its just the thieves in charge of this country screaming another headline and begging for more money. When it comes down to it. The people who didnt understand my orinigal post arnt the kind of people id like to keep around myelf or my family. You are the weak.

  • CompressionIgnition

    Your inferences arent in another launguage, therefore i understand your attempt to make a point. However the words you posted on this page mean nothing to me nor to the heart of america. The true american people who believe in true american culture. No a smoking diesel truck has nothing to do with what im saying in a direct sense. And neither does 99% of the comments posted below. If everyone would mind theyre own damn business, work hard, perservere, grow, learn, love,and play just as hard. This country wouldnt be filled with such bullshit opinions and matters like such. Its old. Diesels have been blowing black since the day they rolled onto the road, its the people of this society who are scared of a world without complete control. And that world will come sooner than you think

  • Gshep71

    And he continues to reply!! My god, I’ve really hurt you haven’t I? You just cant let this go….so sorry. Take your sob story elsewhere, “sweetcheeks”

  • smartacus

    you just keep describing yourself for all the world to see! 🙂

  • nick

    Well what about factories they have worse contamination than trucks and who cares if they modify their own vehicle thats their choice and if you can wine about it then youre a little baby

  • Ed

    Gee. Thanks for clearing that up so eloquently. And we thought you would be some foul mouthed, red neck idiot who didn’t know the difference between “your” and “you’re”. Sure did prove us wrong.

    Hey, do me a favor. Please speak publicly every chance you get. And make sure to voice your choice for elected officials each time. Much appreciated.

  • Leroy Johnson

    Not that I agree with compressor boy but you might want to look up the difference between infer and imply. You imply, he infers.

  • ken

    sounds like you need to learn how to ride a motorcycle

  • CompressionIgnition

    No problem sir, will do. I dont need to autocorrect like im typing a college paper. You get the point. Theres 2 kinda people in this world; Me and you. Oh well

  • Sane Person

    That’s bullshit. The infantile morons in the diesel trucks deliberately do this to be pricks to everyone around them. Factories make things. There’s an actual difference. Plus, factories don’t follow you around trying to dump smoke directly on you.

    Own whatever vehicle floats your boat. Nobody cares. But when you deliberately use that vehicle to bully or roll coal on other people, you’ve stepped well outside your rights. They should impound the trucks on the spot and revoke their license plates until the owner can prove they now comply with the law.

    If you want to behave like a child, be prepared to be treated as one.

  • Sane Person

    ooh, a self-professed ‘real ‘merkin” haha. Roll coal in your own yard dipshit. Roll it on me and you’ve crossed the line. Grow up.

  • paulyCee

    How does this have anything to do with making your truck resemble Thomas the tank engine ?

  • Tommy

    The entire second half of the article clearly states that only those who have installed aftermarket parts to purposely produce soot and smoke will be fined. If your stock truck rolls coal, then you’re safe.

  • Patrick

    But the second half also clearly states that it will target those who “shall purposely release significant quantities of soot, smoke, or other particulate emissions into the air and onto roadways and other vehicles while operating the vehicle.” Hence my problem with it: it’s too subjective. I could legitimately and honestly explain that my stock coal-rollin’ rig smoked without my “purposely” causing it. But how can I prove it?

  • That is a childish argument. The factories have nothing to do with people who deliberately pollute solely for the purpose of treating other people badly for their own sick entertainment or to bully them.

    People who modify their vehicles like this should have their vehicles impounded and they should have to pay for the repairs to be done and have them done before the vehicle is released back to them — as well as pay a significant fine. These people are scum.

  • eighthundredeightyeight

    read all of this guy’s posts and replies with a deep southern, typical hill billy accent. it’s hilarious and amusing.

  • twl101

    There is too much room for abuse with this law. Sure, these guys are jerks, but there are other kinds of jerks on the road also. Just look at Bruce Jenner. If they want to ticket someone for being an A**hole, then they need to go after all A**holes. If it really is about pollution, then Rep. Guzzardi needs to educate himself about the pollution from all vehicles. I could get into a long discussion about that, but it would take a long time. I will just say this, just because you don’t see the excess pollution coming out of the tailpipe in a gasoline powered vehicle, doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

  • Shucks Y’all

    “purportion?” I’m impressed to know you are typing on college lined paper. That’s “orinigal”.

  • BmanCummins

    Nobody here including(compressionboy) stated they felt it appropriate to be rollin coal on any one person or being. U guys need to lay off and see that he is defending the modification and hobby that is diesel performance engines, there are very of us dieselheads that drive around purposely to dump black smoke on other vehicles that is clearly a direspectful, ignorant and childish. I as a diesel truck owner would support a bill that fines those who drive only to roal coal and bully other drivers that is completely fine and dandy. Don’t penolize the many that drive a truck that has an exhaust stack, smokes a little bit under acceleration or under loads such as (carrying weight in the box(as every trucker does), towing trailers or simply pulling itself over the top of a steep grade). The many out here don’t deserve equal treatment from the very slim few who embarass us all. Or i believe its time to start impounding every gas vehicle that doesnt pass a roadside safety inspection due to the rising number of pieces of junk I continue to see sitting roadside without wheels or axles. To many vehicles get away with way to much but this here as compression boy stated is all just a money scam as it is easiest to point out a diesel truck with a stack in a pack of vehicles where atleast 30 percent are not road worthy.. To each his own. Treat one another with respect u ignorant little shits that drive around dumping soot and we’ll all be able to enjoy our hobbies, act like ____suckers and this will never end.
    Btw that’s discrimination to judge everyone that drives diesels as scum!!! Billdav

  • BmanCummins

    Yep all a money grab!!

  • The Mechanic

    Yeah, like excessively noisy cars! wait… noise violation fines… got that. Oh, those crazy slammed cars? Oh… ticket for ride height.. they have that. Ok, ok… what about those damn motorcycles that filter through traffic at like, 200kph? Oh yeah… yeah… speeding tickets… they’ve got those.

    I’m getting ahead of myself here… you were maybe just talking about emissions from all vehicles in the end, yes? “educate himself about the pollution from all vehicles”?

    you do know that the drive clean test for a car before was: connect it to a computer, sniffer in the tailpipe and two speeds on a dyno. And, the test for a diesel was: watch the tailpipe for “excessive” not even “any” there was still black sh-t allowed to flow; excessive black smoke… That’s it… just watch it, no sniffer, no machine.

    I will just say this ” just because you don’t see the excess pollution coming out of the tailpipe in a gasoline powered vehicle”, doesn’t mean it wasn’t thoroughly inspected for it…

  • The Mechanic

    So, are you one of those twats that drives around intentionally blasting people with smoke? Because… that is what this is pretty much about. Yeah, the government will profit off it. Everyone knows it’s a business… The world runs on money, feeling the need to explain this to people is like learning about the sky being blue in adulthood and preaching your new-found knowledge to others in the hopes you weren’t the only one that stupid…

    ” If you want to spend your days drinking water, driving a prius, doing yoga, and whatever other kinda yuppee shit. Be by guest. But dont (don’t) judge others, its not your place.” So, you just told everyone not to judge others while judging/stereotyping them all… smooth…

    Again, this was about diesel vehicles blasting people on the roads and such mostly. It happens and it is a dick move, not a “you’re not environmentally friendly” move, though it is easy to blanket it as that as well. In the end it is about being a dick move. Just like how racing on the highways is not allowed. It isn’t that everyone is saying everyone must drive slow, it’s more that you shouldn’t be a jackass.

    Unfortunately for regular, decent drivers of diesel vehicles (not you though, you’re clearly a jackass) it sucks. Because they will be scrutinized because of these d-cks (you, probably included).

  • Mark

    Why is this being discussed at the Federal level? Are the FBI going to start handing out smoking vehicle tickets? This should be a state issue addressed by local law enforcement since there is no apparatus for state and local police to enforce federal laws.

  • Mark

    Why does it “need” to exist? Our newest fire engine has 1,700 foot pounds of torque and even cold it doesn’t smoke. Putting smoke out the exhaust is a sign of unburned fuel.

  • twl101

    OK, here we go,”doesn’t mean it wasn’t thoroughly inspected for it…” I guess you have never seen an Inspection Station take a clean running vehicle and hook it it up to pass a test for a gasoline junker for a few extra bucks. And “you do know that the drive clean test for a car before was: connect it to a computer, sniffer in the tailpipe and two speeds on a dyno” was only in certain areas. And since you go by the name “The Mechanic”, you do know what happens when a Map sensor goes bad on a diesel, excess pollution(black smoke)! Like I said, there is too much room for abuse with this law. I am not trying to defend these jerks in any way, I don’t like them either. And since you brought up the subject of tickets for other offenses which are rarely enforced, let’s raise the cost of them to $5,000 and see how well that goes over. I will add this, if this law does pass, there should be a video of the offense to provide the court and the defense, with a visual reference. Only then, would I agree with it.

  • mike
  • There is no reason to modify your vehicle like this except to smoke people out. Please stop pretending that it’s about performance. It’s about bullying people and being a jerk, just because you can.

    I’m not judging everyone who drives diesels. I’m only judging the idiots who modify their vehicles so that they can blow extra smoke.

  • G. Michael Murphy

    read the article: it’s in the Illinois General Assembly, as in Illinois state legislature. this needs to be repeated in every state.

  • G. Michael Murphy

    modern emmissions tests don’t just use the sniffer: they also directly plug into the car’s computer via the OBD2 port and download operational data.

  • Robert

    god im sick of the EPA having any power at all just trying to tell us what to do. it needs to stop. if you buy and plate the vehicle its yours nobody should be able to tell you what you can and cannot do to your vehicle.

  • Nope. When what you do has negative effects on others, then you need to be regulated.

    Your view is why people in several major cities in China cannot see the sun because the air is so polluted. The U.S. was heading in that direction before the EPA started regulating emissions.

    I remember the smog in the 1970’s and 80’s. It was absolutely horrible. We can’t allow ourselves to go back to that.

  • twl101

    So, you believe, in the USA, every gasoline vehicle on the road is subject to testing this way. For your information, it is not required everywhere. Some states don’t require it at all. And to add to that, not all vehicles have an OBD2 port or any kind of emissions diagnostic port. You need to study up a little more.

  • John

    Hi post clearly said “modern emissions tests”

  • Blackman

    Come shut it for me you Motherfucker lose truck driver paid .34 mile and stink to high hell cause you haven’t showered…..ever!

  • Blackman


  • Blackman

    Yea huh

  • Buford

    Yeah… just like I should be able to dump by used motor oil into the drainage ditch so it contaminates the neighbor’s water wells for miles around… that’s MY decision to make, right? My oil, my choice! Free-dumb!!!!

  • Buford

    Exactly. The idiots who bitch about the overreaching, fascist govt taking away all their fun are the same idiots who couldn’t be trusted to act in a manner that didn’t negatively impact all those around them.

    Civics lesson time – no law was ever put on the books until some jerkoffs couldn’t be trusted to act responsibly on their own. If you don’t like govt regulations, act responsibly and push others to do the same BEFORE it’s necessary to pass a new law.

  • G. Michael Murphy

    All cars and light trucks manufactured or sold in the US after january 1, 1996 have an OBDII port. You are correct, that emissions testing is not required everywhere.

  • proudcumminsowner

    Ok I am 18 I have a cummins turbo diesel I have a programer on my truck it blows black smoke not excessively but it blows do I go around blowing black smoke on people no why because I was raised with respect but I feel it unfair to just single us out! For me making my truck have more horse power and torque is a hobby I’m not gonna bag on people who drive a prius Sportscar ride a bicycle have a horse and buggy I don’t care that’s your business but not everyone that blows black smoke do it out of ingnorance putting a programer on my truck made it easier to pull trailers and just do normal work with a truck no I don’t see it right for those people to do it but I think it’s unfair to single diesel owners out not everyone is rude so please before you single all of us out please realize there are respectful people out there that just add horsepower as a hobby not out of disrespect!

  • proudcumminsowner

    I don’t know much about the new diesel engines or what kind of engine is on your engine but the newer diesels have an egr cooler that uses coolant to reduce exhaust gas temperature which reduces pollution or some of the newer diesels have diesel exhaust fluid that reduces pollution but older diesels did not have this emissions control on it!

  • The problem is that rolling coal doesn’t give you more horsepower. That black soot is made of inadequately burned fuel because there wasn’t enough oxygen in the cylinder to burn all of the fuel. You’re just wasting fuel and creating pollution and annoying people in the general vicinity.

    The engine should be tuned so that you get complete combustion. The point were you start smoking is just past the point where you no longer get benefit from pumping more fuel in. In fact, that extra fuel takes up space that could be used by air, so it probably even reduces your power a bit vs. having it tuned to the optimal point where you have the maximum amount of fuel that can be completely burned during the stroke.

  • lohchief

    Back in the 70’s I drove diesel tractor/trailers and covered the 11 western states.Back then our diesels were just coming into the pollution regs.Some states had regs that if a cop sees you pulling a hill and blowing excessive smoke they could pull you over.They would send for a inspector and have you open the hood,and the inspector would check the injection pump for the coded tag sealed to the end bell of our cummins engines fuel injector pump.If it was intact,they wrote you a maint type of ticket that made our terminal shop fix the problem(s) with the fuel system.

    Same thing when starting out from a stop light etc while fully loaded,the cops would mark the time it took for a rig to stop blowing smoke,I seem to remember it was like 3 seconds of excessive smoke before it lightened up.My point is there has always been federal regs for large diesels to adhere to,now that has been brought into the smaller ones.And believe me,if enough diesel pickup owners take to the rolling coal thing,I can guarantee you lawmakers will make laws to FURTHER restrict diesels,as well as maybe going after the aftermarket programmers selling the equipment to do this.

    It’s not much different then all the illegal street drags that dominated the 50’s/60’s.The man came done hard on us,and I hate to admit it,they were right,and I knew it back then.But,that was back when I was a kid.

  • twl101

    And my original post said “pollution from all vehicles”, then the emissions testing was brought up. Some vehicles without diagnostic ports are still subject to the sniffer tests in some areas. This is where they can use another vehicle to pass the test. Then there is the point that was brought up about testing on the dyno. This way of testing, which was free when it first came out, was dropped where I lived, when so many people “failed” because their cars were not properly maintained. Dirty oil could even screw up the test. I had a 83 GMC truck with a modified 350 and took the test for grins. I passed with flying colors even though the way the wording of the test was set up, I was supposed to have the stock 305 in it. I have always been real picky about maintenance on my vehicles. So before everyone gets on their high horse about emissions, you need to look in your own driveway first. You should even check the MPG ratings of diesel vs. gasoline vehicles. Try getting 50+ mpg out of your gasoline Honda Civic or whatever and compare it to a diesel Jetta. Who is putting more pollutants in the air? Gasoline and diesel are completely different fuels. We could even get into the discussion about the evaporation rates of these 2 fuels and compare that form of pollution. Guess who is going to loose on that one also. And as I said before, just because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. A vehicle has to be well maintained to keep the emissions in check. Most people concerned about maintenance, only worry about oil changes and ignore the rest because they know nothing about keeping a vehicle tuned properly. Even tire pressure has an influence on fuel consumption, which in turn means more pollution. All they know is, if they turn the key and it starts, it must be ok. And for those trying to argue the point more, maybe you should re-read the part where I said, I don’t like these jerks anymore than the next. My problem is with the abuse or misuse that can and will come from a law of this type. Take “Civil Forfeiture” for instance, abused by police depts. big time. The first part of the bill, I have no problem with, it is the last part that states “or shall purposely release significant quantities of soot, smoke, or other particulate emissions into the air”. This is what happens when someone tries to pass another vehicle on a two lane highway or accelerates to enter a highway. So a gasoline powered vehicle could easily be included in that part. A gasoline vehicle doesn’t have to release soot or smoke, but it will damn sure release significant quantities of other particulate emissions under hard acceleration. This is where things can get bad.

  • Virgil

    this bill is in illinois, not national, if there is emissions there then its basically nothing new. here in AZ you go to a emissions center, if you try to bribe them you go to jail, if there is shady private inspection places there then you can bet the state will rip them apart if they catch it, you should turn any in, and here we have a hotline to call in to report a car (gas or diesel) for emissions violations, and cops do pull over hoopties that are burning more oil then gas and just take the car on the spot if they choose, or tickets ranging from 0 fine to 1500 dollars
    and the fines “up to 5000 dollars” is actually in most tickets already, this repeat offender/excessive offender status, go blow through chicago at 120mph and see what the fine is, or do 90mph over and over,

  • Virgil

    they have ash catchers, been on trucks for years, 90% of the black soot is caught by them and reburned so there is emissions equipment
    The new DEF is actually to help burn off the captured soot, and now we have more advanced exhaust systems that keep them really clean

    There really isn’t any excuse to burn black, its unused fuel, it is wasted, that means it did not do any extra power in the engine, so why do it? I understand getting a little sloppy on the tune under loads and such but unloaded pulling out from a red light shouldn’t blot out the sun, and I see that from some guys, they sit there overreving the motor to get more and more black smoke as they wait for the light then right on it, quarter mile of black smoke that chokes everyone in line behind them, it sucks.
    I do like the OPs saying he and the some quarter million hillbillies are the “heart of america” they do not produce much, they do not sway culture, they do not lead the nation, but yet, they are still cling to their way is best way

  • Virgil

    going after the manufacturers isn’t going to work too well, they will slap “offroad use only” sticker on or just plain say you installed the product wrong, and all of the aftermarket equipment is illegal in CA already, but I would rather see them go after people being dicks then after people doing fuel effecient or power tunes as a whole as CA pretty much does.

  • Virgil

    if you are not rolling coal black as night and a mile long then you are not going to get a ticket, why are you lumping yourself in with people dumping twice the needed fuel at the press of a button?
    nobody is singling out all diesels, just the ones that are trying to show off, look at exhaust brake laws, you could argue those are targeting diesels, but its only cause people made their exhaust brakes as loud as possible and started to rattle them off in the middle of towns, does everyone with an exhaust brake get a ticket? no just the ones that downshifts and pops it right in the middle of a busy area to set off car alarms, same here, don’t sit in a parking lot having a smoke off with your buddies and nobody will say a word

  • Virgil

    would you rather have CA style of outlaw everything? keep things clean (overfueling kills performance since the unused fuel means improper a/f) anybody worth their salt can tune a truck to max performance and not get the smog bank at every street light,

  • chance

    see this pisses me off I have a truck that blows black smoke not because it is broken but because it has a lot modifications done to it and I have parts that supply more fuel to the over sized injectors if I take that extra fuel away then my truck doesn’t run like it’s supposed to plus a lot of other mods I have paid a lot of money for them parts and put a lot of hours in on installing them because it’s my truck that I paid for and worked hard for the money to buy them so you EPA save the world bullshit people can suck on my 4 inch strait pipe I’ll do what i want to MY truck, thank you have a nice day

  • If your diesel is blowing soot it’s not about performance, no matter how many times that you tell that blatant lie.

    Soot means that you don’t have enough oxygen in the mix to fully burn the fuel in the cylinder. Fuel that is not fully burned is not giving you any extra performance, no matter how hard that you try to pretend that it is.

    You rollin’ coal people are all liars. You don’t care one little bit about performance. You waste fuel. You waste your own money. You piss off everyone behind you, just because you get some sick pleasure out of making other people miserable.

  • EVERYONE is born an atheist

    If you weren’t a dumb internet-posing tough guy you might be funny. Go away troll.

  • patb2009

    how many cars made in the last 10 years lack OBDII

  • Chance

    Really? You ever watched a sled pull or drag or anything ? You tell me what modified truck doesn’t blow black smoke cuz when you modify them enough like I have mine you can help that it blows black smoke your ignorant the the other side of it like it really blows my mind you people make that big of a deal out of it I mean seriously it’s not your truck it’s not your fuel and it’s not your money so put your big boy pants on a suck it up butter cup and find something else to bitch about I mean I work in the oil field bitch about that to

  • Blackman

    Nice name tag too, fucking dildo

  • Again, soot = unburned fuel. It’s not contributing anything to the power.

  • James McMullen

    I’m okay with ticketing all a-holes. It would wipe out the federal debt in no time flat.

  • franklynn

    “…run like it’s supposed to..”. Sorry, but that is completely laughable. You put your money into modifications on a stock truck for enhanced performance. You altered the performance to make it do want you wanted, not to comply with federally-mandated rules and regulations. There are a few diesel engine tuners out there(people) who can guarantee performance as well as passing emissions

  • franklynn

    You pays your money, you takes your chances. Performance mods can be considered as tampering with emissions controls, depending upon the locale.

    Running the way you want versus supposed to are two very different things. If you’re lucky enough to live someplace without emissions testing, you have little to worry about. The issue raises its ugly head if you decide to leave that locale where you have to live under different rules.

  • chance

    How is there no other reason ? I’m sorry for my language but you fella are a ignorant jack ass I could care less how much my diesel rolls coal but I do care about my 630hp and my 1200ft pounds of torque billdav you’re ignorant

  • Nope. Soot is nothing but unburned fuel. Unburned fuel does not give you more power or torque, no matter how hard that you try to pretend that it does.

  • Lewis

    Thanks for the comment, Captain Planet. Asshole.

  • Phil Peterson

    This may make me unpopular but I think that rollin coal is juvenile and it is so bad for the environment that I applaud the $5000 fine for doing so.

  • Taylor Edwards

    I have a built diesel. I drive it daily. It blows smoke. You all will not impose on my constitutional rights to pursue happiness. It makes me happy and I will continue to build my trucks and could care less what all of you think. Just like yall have the right to drive whatever you drive. It’s my choice. Not yours.

  • jn7867643

    you’re a fucking retard

  • CompressionIgnition

    Im with you there, man. Proud owner of a diesel and that won’t change

  • CompressionIgnition

    Buford, your an idiot. You didnt “buy and plate ” the drainage ditch. If you had, you could dump whatever the fuck you want in it

  • CompressionIgnition

    only when they deserve it. Like if they’re riding a bicycle, or walking in the middle of the street, if they cut me off, or if its a Prius. just give up, your opinions mean nothing

  • CompressionIgnition

    Thanks for the compliment man!

  • CompressionIgnition

    Your so great we all love you, you spell good. Go somewhere.

  • CompressionIgnition

    If you cut me off or do some dumb shit, youll get the thunder too

  • Iseeitall

    I bought my property and own quite a bit of land? Can I dump oil in the on it ?

  • Vitale Justice

    I also have owned several diesels and hate ta break it to you but its not your constitutional right to break the Laws of your state my state or the U.S in the persuit of Happiness as you put it

  • ryan

    Bicycles have the same right to the road as you do, your comment shows that you have a childish IQ

  • steph

    This is against our bill of rights our forefathers written for us. We have or let me say we are supposed to have right to freedom bare arms and freedom of speech etc… None of these are practiced by our government. Because everyone of those useless assholes do t know shit about anything. They’ve been handed a paycheck for making people miserable for long enough they don’t have a clue about the real world. Its because of them we try and have fun with life hense the smoked out trucks or whatever makes us happy. But y’all wait we won’t have any rights anymore.

  • Matt

    It’s pretty sad that yours is the unpopular opinion.

  • CompressionIgnition: As most of your posts have shown, you are extremely ignorant and this is yet another example of that. Bicyclists have a right to ride on the road in all 50 states of the U.S. They also usually have the right to use full lanes.

    You need to repeat driver’s education because you don’t know the rules of the road. Nobody deserves to be smoked out because they are riding a bike on the road or walking on the road or driving a vehicle that you don’t like. Even cutting you off is not justification, it’s just an excuse you’re making because you’re an ignorant selfish child.

  • Which thing in the bill of rights gives you the right to pollute the air that we all have to share?

    Which thing in the bill of rights gives you the right to harass people with smoke just because you don’t like them or because you think it’s fun to torment people?

    Have you ever read the bill of rights? I suspect not. You’re so illiterate that you don’t know the difference between the words “bear” and “bare”.

  • steph

    It’s only stuck up snobby ignorant idiot sorry I’ll use your terms illiterate self. You are the type of person to stick your nose into someone else’s opinion. So what i can’t I say what I think. Oh wait I’ve never read the Bill of rights so I would never know that I do in fact have a right to freedom of speech. So you can be like every other ignorant person and go make someone else miserable.

  • polaris bombardier

    A free people must be a responsible people. You cannot expect to enjoy freedom if your action harms others, or just pisses them off.

    I have a diesel truck with turned up pump and aftermarket turbo. I have set it up to emit the least smoke possible and drive it responsibly. I enjoy turning wrenches and finding ways to get the most out of it. And, I do the work myself.

    If you guys continue to roll coal you can expect additional restrictions to be put on all of us. I used to live in the Seattle area. To license my car, i had to have it emission tested. If it failed, and had been modified, it could not be licensed until it was back in compliance.

    Continue to roll coal and you can expect an emission testing station in your area and an increase in the bloated bureaucracy that runs it. You can expect laws that will prohibit any modification to your vehicle with out government approval. You can expect mandated retrofits of particulate filters. Federally mandated changes to our fuel etc etc.

    Since some of you have quoted the constitution, or at least the popular fiction of it, here are a few quotes from the guys who wrote it regarding personal responsibility.

    “Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become more corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters.”
    Benjamin Franklin

    .”A nation as a society forms a moral person, and every member of it is personally responsible for his society.”
    Thomas Jefferson

  • Blowing smoke on someone is not protected by freedom of speech.

    It’s assault. You are clearly a sociopath and a bully who likes to create misery for others.

    If not being able to blow smoke on people makes you miserable then you in serious need of psychological help.

  • Dan Satter

    Lets go after the rice burners and Harley riders too. “Sarcasm” If you like yours, protect ours cause they will burn you next.

  • diesedan83

    That fucking jerk off probably got a face full of black smoke and hes pissed off so hes going to pass a bill to make himself happy….. what we do with our diesels is what we do, leave us alone! We dont try to take your loud harley away do we? We dont try to take you loud bad for the environment rice burner away do we? So I think if you dont like black smoke close your fucking face sheild on your helmet or roll your fucking window up and get the fuck over it!

  • Eric Mcdow


    You’re the idiot on this post along with all your ignorant budies on here posting stuff like ” I can do what I want, it’s my right”. The reason we keep losing our rights is because of stupid people like yourself. Sure, blame the EPA, blame the government. It’s there fault we have our freedoms taken from us. Did you ever think for one minute that maybe if tard’s like yourself weren’t out there being stupid we could all live a life of freedom. You think that just because you “Buy and plate” your vehicle you have the right to dump Sulfer, CO, benzene and Arsenic into my air. You’re dead wrong fuckstick!

  • triscuit

    You are a total dipshit. I can’t believe someone brought up the bill of rights on this subject. So, it’s your right to be a dick to other people and not have any consequences? You are fucking retarded. That’s the only explanation for your comment.

  • Rusty Shackleford

    Lol the amount of douchebag sister riding hillbillies in here is incredible.

  • Draebe Killas

    All vehicles pollute the air we all have to breathe. Gasoline vehicles tend to produce emissions that are more harmful than the soot from a diesel, diesel smoke is just more noticeable.

    Which thing in the constitution gives government the right to harass and selectively tax people who smoke?

    I suspect you think the 10th amendment is not a restriction on the power of the federal government and that the treason statute was written to protect the federal government and not the states.

  • Draebe Killas

    Show me where in the constitution the federal government is entitled to regulate anything that was not specifically spelled out in the constitution.

    The 10th amendment leaves all powers not specifically delegated to the federal government to the states. The EPA is not authorized by the constitution, and their decrees do not come from any legislative body of government.

    Californistan can put any restrictions they want on vehicles, but sooner or later the manufacturers will determine it is no longer worth building special vehicles for that market and they will be forced to decide if they want to change their idiotic laws or have no new vehicles available.

    “The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws.”
    “Because they didn’t know better, they called it “civilization,” when it was part of their slavery.”


  • Draebe Killas

    Diesel soot is primarily carbon particulates and carbon dioxide, which are not harmful to the environment, but the particulates contribute to the smog effect. Diesel is burned much more efficiently though and typically produces lower levels of the harmful emissions – carbon monoxide and and the mono-nitrogen oxides.

    The new gasoline direct injection engines are actually about 10x worse for the environment than a diesel, and those came into being because of retarded government regulations. Just like the hybrids, which have some of the worst environmental impact imaginable, brought into being by know-nothing bureaucrats and their sycophants.

    Rolling coal may be juvenile, as are many things. That does not mean they should be illegal. Your authoritarian mindset is truly disturbing.

  • This isn’t a federal law. It’s a state law. Maybe you should try reading the 10th amendment.

    Rolling coal is an assault on other people. Assault is not protected by the constitution.

  • Again, this is a state law. Go read the 10th amendment again.

    California buys more cars than any other state, by far. Yeah, car manufacturers will ignore them. That makes sense.

    But go ahead. Keep trying to pretend that your rights are being violated because you’re being prevented from assaulting other people.

  • Draebe Killas

    Assault? Lol. You may want to look into what assault entails.

    ” but its not your constitutional right to break the Laws of your state my state or the U.S”

    I was pointing out that the federal government has no authority to make such a law, or create the EPA.

    Globally, 79.18 million vehicles were sold in 2014. 16.94 million of those were sold in the US, 1.84 million in California.

    Keep trying to pretend that a 2% global market share is worth developing special products for, especially when they already have to waste development costs for no reason to meet the US regulations, which as a whole makes up slightly less than 20% of their global sales.

    California would still buy cars, they just would have to buy the same ones as everyone else.

  • Alicia

    Globally, 79.18 million vehicles were sold in 2014. 16.94 million of those were sold in the US, 1.84 million in California.

    In other words, California alone is 11% of the US market. If you truly think car manufacturers don’t care about selling in California and other markets such as the EU that have tighter regulations, I’d love to see your evidence.

    Lol. You may want to look into what assault entails.

    If you really think it’s not harmful, go stick your face in the tailpipe of a truck that was modified to “roll coal” and inhale deeply.

  • Alicia

    Californistan can put any restrictions they want on vehicles, but sooner or later the manufacturers will determine it is no longer worth building special vehicles for that market and they will be forced to decide if they want to change their idiotic laws or have no new vehicles available.

    So you think car manufacturers will ignore every part of the US, EU, and every other market that has emissions regulations on automobiles?

    Do you want to buy this bridge I’m selling?

  • 1.84 million cars is nothing. Right? A lot of European countries have strict emissions much like California does. Some even stricter.

    Are you old enough to remember what smog was like in the 1970’s and 80’s in major metropolitan areas? I am. It was truly a horror. It was almost as bad as Beijing and Shanghai are now. Emissions regulations have made the air much cleaner. It took a couple of decades but it worked. The air is vastly cleaner now than it was then.

    Air pollution hurts everyone. It is not your right to poison the air that everyone has to breath.

    Yes, rolling coal is assault. It hampers visibility which can cause crashes. It burns the eyes and the lungs. It causes very real physical discomfort. It’s also done with intent and malice aforethought. It’s assault.

    I realize that you’re probably a clinical sociopath. You don’t care about harming others one little bit. You think creating misery for others is entertaining. People like you are what is wrong with this world.

  • Henry

    Having a diesel truck and being a biker, I find the fine excessive, but welcome the additional regulation. Nothing sucks more than riding my street bike or jogging for exercise and having some jerk pull up beside my and blow smoke. Anyone against reasonable limits should try jogging up him and having someone blow smoke in their face while they are deep breathing from the effort.

  • Henry

    So by that mentality, if someone is in front of your house at 3 am playing loud music, you have no right to complain? How about a truck full of manure parks in front of your house on a hot summer day. Too bad right. Really? It’s called civilization. If you want to be a part, follow the rules.

  • Draebe Killas

    They sell in those markets already, Californistan has SEPARATE regulations from either of those other markets. They are not worth the added expense of creating special vehicles for. More than 20 companies spending tens of millions of dollars -each- to get their vehicles CARB approved is not a good business practice.

    Thank you for proving you also have no idea what assault is.

    Maybe you should stick your head under water and inhale deeply.

  • Draebe Killas

    No, but I can knock down that straw man you’re building.

    The manufacturers already comply with US and EU regulations. California wants to feel special so they create their own separate regulations from either of the others, requiring special development and massive costs for CARB approval.

    California feels that only what they determine can be used to meet the standards, rather than any other possible solutions, which may actually work better. Bureaucrats should not build cars.

  • Draebe Killas

    Apparently you are not grasping the difference between strict and different. And globally speaking, no 2% is not particularly significant.

    If California accepts the self admitted stricter European spec engines, it reduces development costs and makes vehicles cheaper. The regulations in California are different, producing no better effect at added expense. Why waste the extra expense if you are the auto manufacturer? California will still buy cars, because the state would be forced to change its idiotic laws. The air would be no different if California no longer got special cars developed for it.

    Particulate matter in emissions is down, which is what is perceived as smog. The particulates are still present, they are just no longer being spewed directly into the air. They are captured in liquid in the exhaust system and dripped onto the ground. This is the same for diesel and gas engines.

    Once dry on the ground, vehicles driving over it will send the powdered particulates back into the air. They are still there being breathed, you just do not see them in the same manner. The pollutants have not magically disappeared.

    Perfume burns the eyes and the lungs, is perfume assault? It can cause very real physical discomfort. It is worn with intent and malice aforethought. Perfume, by your standards, is assault. Giant SUV’s hamper visibility which can cause crashes. Is driving one assault?

    I realize you are probably clinically retarded, and you don’t care about critical thinking in the least. You think controlling others is entertaining, and those of your ilk bring misery on a global scale.

  • What a giant ball of B.S. The air in southern California used to be brown everywhere. There were smog alerts almost every day for months at a time sometimes. The air could often make a lot of people sick.

    It’s not like that anymore. The air is vastly cleaner in southern California by every reasonable measure.

    You’re just making excuses because you’re angry that someone is telling you that you can’t pollute the air that we all breath as you see fit.

    Perfume is not worn with the intent of making people feel bad. Sometimes the wearers are not aware of how strong it is, but in fact, I’ve rarely encountered even that.

    Rolling coal is done for the specific purpose of subjecting people to strong discomfort and possible endangerment.

    You’re a sociopath and a bully. There’s no question about it.

  • Alicia

    Thank you for proving you also have no idea what assault is.

    Rolling coal = poisoning people
    Poisoning people = assault.


    Semi-tangentially, why did you start talking about California in the first place, when the article has nothing to do with California at all?

  • Draebe Killas

    Any vehicle that is blowing smoke is rolling coal by the way, regardless of if any people are within 1,000 miles.

    If having smoke blown on you is assault though, why then, are arsonists not also charged with assault for the people the smoke was blown on from the fire?

    Because it’s not assault. And many building materials produce chemicals when burned, especially combined, that are far more harmful than what is capable of being produced from any internal combustion engine.

  • Draebe Killas

    The comment about water was in direct relation to your comment about the tailpipe. If contains exactly the same relation to the discussion as yours.

    A tail pipe “rolling coal” will kill you just as surely as a car meeting every emission standard. Being dispersed differently or captured in liquid to be dropped on the ground, the same pollutants are still there.

    You also seem ignorant of the fact that any diesel blowing smoke is “rolling coal”, regardless of whether other people are present or not.

    And poisoning people would get you charged with attempted murder. Try again.

    The comment I was replying to was referring to having no right to break the law of any state or the US government. I suppose I wasn’t paying close enough attention, since I figured something this foolish had to be from California, though New York and Illinois were close runners-up.

  • Why is it that you bullies can never accept that your abuse of other people is not acceptable to those of us who have to suffer from it?

    You bullies make one excuse after another after another. Stop being jerks. Learn to play nice with others.

  • Draebe Killas

    The air often still does make people sick, as almost every metropolitan area receives failing grades for air quality. That is the reason you see ozone, smog or pollution advisory notices.

    Visibly cleaner does not mean it is clean. The air is still highly polluted today, with 66% of the ozone pollution and 50% of the particulate pollution compared to the brown days.

    I don’t breathe your air and you don’t breathe mine. I know, because the air out here in the country is clean, even though are are no emissions requirements.

    You are upset because you feel that you have a right to control everyone, in every location, based on your supposedly enlightened beliefs.

    You also seem ignorant of the fact that the term rolling coal is just describing the truck blowing smoke. You can roll coal without anyone else around, or you can roll coal on people. There is a very distinct difference between the two.

    You are a fool and a collectivist, but that’s redundant.

  • You are just a bully and an excuse maker. Freedom ends when one person’s fist hits another person’s face. Blowing smoke on someone is the fist.

    Grow up and quit whining because you’re expected to behave like a decent human being.

  • Alicia

    Nice attempt to spin your poor reading skills. You’re good at rhetorical flourishes, I’ll give you that, if nothing else.

  • onthedot

    You are the idiot. He wouldn’t breathe diesel fumes for its massive sulfur output. Do you always verbally assault your neighbors moron?

  • onthedot

    I don’t ride bikes on main streets, I was just saying what I’ve seen with other bikers. You like jumping to conclusions? Don’t care about anyone else, do you?

  • Kevin Goobaru Graeff

    to everyone on here saying how they deliberately blow smoke out the stacks becase its funny to other people or w.e…no like ANY motor vehicle enthusiast. its something we do. if you dont like it? get off the road. if someone came up to me and made a complaint about my car being too loud….im gonna throw her in neutral and rev til i cant hear what theyre saying. basically if you dont like my car. i dont care. its mine not yours. oh and its a chip you put in your car for black smoke. no matter how big you make the smoke stack it doesnt produce MORE smoke. youre putting out the same amount of exhaust, itll honestly just be a little louder and less restrictive

  • roadking2000

    I live in a City with a large Auto/Diesel Tech School & the streets are full of out-of-State dumb-asses “roling coal” at every traffic light. So…..YOU have the right to blow kerosene soot into my lungs? Then, following that logic, I have the right to throw paint on your truck when you do, because THAT’S WHAT I DO. We either co-exist in this world, or we go to war. Believe me when I say: YOU DON’T WANT TO GO TO WAR. Old guys rule this world because we know how to get sh*t done.

  • Derek

    I have a diesel truck, when I am taking off it smokes a little, not much, until the turbo spools up. Personally, I would like to clean that little bit of smoke up. To the idiots saying “look at the truck pulls that is why they smoke because they make so much power” it is bullshit. It is for show. If you notice, if tuned right, they will smoke until the turbo spools up and lights up the fuel. Bunch of hicks trying to justify acting like assholes.

  • Shaelynn

    Yes cause throwing paint at our trucks will help us stop rolling coal. We will just get pissed off and really make your life hell. We roll coal to stop dumbass city drivers from tailgating us cause you guys don’t know how to frickin drive!

  • Supercharged75

    Just as you have the right to roll coal, do it to me and find yourself being served with an ass whoopin’! I am all for modifying vehicles and making them your own but don’t do things that will negatively impact other people and not expect retaliation. Remember, actions have consequences.

  • More B.S. from a redneck sociopath.

    Maybe you should try getting along with people instead of creating more confrontation. Seriously, act like a civilized human being instead of a knuckle dragging ape.

  • Accipiter

    Really? City drivers? The ones ‘rolling coal’ are city dwellers, never spent a day of their life in he country. Real country folk don’t sh*t where they eat and sleep with that nasty smoke. Real country folk love to fish and hunt, to hike and camp, and don’t want the beautiful country they love to be filled with black smoke.

    No, these coal-rolling idiots are city folk, born and raised, and no matter what they say will always be city folk. They pretend to be ‘country’ but they don’t care at all about the land they claim to love. Don’t let them tell you any different.

  • Accipiter

    If you can’t find a vehicle that doesn’t belch excessive smoke, then you shouldn’t be driving. 99% of vehicles don’t do this. Stop trying to be a special snowflake, and get a vehicle that obeys emissions laws like everyone else.

  • LibertyPrime

    Retardation confirmed with that non sequitur.

  • Chris L.

    I am all for modifying cars and trucks and am all for diesel trucks, and I hate the EPA, but they do have a point here. First off, your truck is running like shit if it’s doing it, so there is no performance benefit from it. Second, it causes a distraction on road and is annoying as hell when you’re behind them. Third, 90% of the people that do it are mainly kids that don’t have a need for a diesel truck (or as I like to call them, the small pecker club) and just want to show off with mommy and daddy’s money. Tune your truck up right so you don’t ruin it for the rest of diesel owners that actually enjoy and use their trucks.

  • Obama’sTheAntiChrist

    You haven’t the foggiest- when Diesel engines “don’t run properly” they typically emit white smoke, a sign of burning coolant or improper injector pressure or damage. Black smokes mean fuel, some unburnt before the turbo has spooled enough to balance the fuel air ratio. when a Diesel engine is modified to accept/burn more fuel than originally intended with the end result being more power-smoke is just part of the equation. I pull a 30′ flat deck trailer for building materials and my truck will hog out smoke before I get up to speed, but it’s all worth it because it will pull MORE weight than some of the newer 2012 model trucks.

  • Obama’sTheAntiChrist

    Don’t give someone a reason to roll coal on you? Don’t drive a Prius and don’t tailgate? Give people that haul trailer the benefit of the doubt and some damn room.. You troll

  • Obama’sTheAntiChrist

    Roll up your windows? You old coon

  • Driving a Prius is a reason to roll coal on someone? Really?

    You’re just a giant bundle of hate and bigotry aren’t you?

  • Obama’sTheAntiChrist

    Yeah it is.. your supporting a totalitarian regime. Wether you realize it or not

  • roadking2000

    You’re a real bad-ass from the safety of your mom’s basement. Some day, your attitude will get you face-to-face with a REAL bad-ass and you’ll find out what it’s all about, Clown. People like YOU are the reason these fines were instituted, because YOU can’t act right.

  • Obama’sTheAntiChrist

    The safety of my paid off house at 21 🙂 the saftey of a .357 in my console or the 12 gauge in my back seat. I can act however I want, I don’t live by the mistakes of my generations elders, nor the idiots you elected.

  • Obama’sTheAntiChrist

    On a side note, don’t believe the first thing you read you old fuck. Things are a little different now than they were 50 years ago, you’re still spoon fed the same bullshit-the only difference is today your too old and stupid to figure out how to properly reasearch it yourself. Get fucked you useless bag of ash

  • roadking2000

    Break time’s over. Time for you to drop some fries

  • Driving a Prius = Supporting a totalitarian regime?

    How does that work in your head?

    BTW, I don’t drive a Prius. I hate Toyotas in general because they drive like crap. However, I don’t hate people who choose to drive them.

  • Nice job giving your own post a thumbs up.

  • Auzzy

    I’m a diesel guy. I’m ready for Obama to be out. I love my guns. When my stock LML rolls coal, it’s because all the emissions is fucked up and 3G has been spent so far fixing shit, but covered under warranty. I will tune around that shit and pipe it when warranty runs out. When my LLY rolls coal, I turn the nitrous up and retune. Why the fuck waste the fuel? If you are 21 and have a paid off house and a bad ass diesel truck, mommy and daddy must have paid for all that shit. If that’s not right you have a real shithole of a house and it’s on wheels and that’s the trailer you pull around.

  • Obama’sTheAntiChrist

    Shut your mouth peasant.

    More fuel/air injected = more HP

    Soot it just partially combusted fuel

    Yeah there is a little waste but negligible compared to the gain in HP and TQ

  • Robyn Hellmig

    Wow, I see a shitload of huge egos and tiny penises in the discussions here. And its pure entertainment. I have a solution for all of you.

    Shut the fuck up and get a life.
    Arguing on the internet is like running in the special Olympics. Even if you win,

    You’re still a retard. 😉

  • ga1999

    I love the knuckle draggers here that blame the president for limiting their “freedumb” for dumping black soot exhaust on people and not allowing them to run around willy nilly with a loaded gun. Anyone who “rolls coal” is a total DB and should be locked in a garage with their own truck for an hour and forced to breathe their own exhaust.

  • triston kuehner

    quit being pussys. ROLL COAL!!!

  • Dave

    People don’t understand the way diesels work. I’m not saying there are ass holes out there that do this on purpose, but an emission system on a diesel is ridiculous. A diesel motor produces soot, and with an emission system on a diesel motor will destroy the motor. Emission systems redirect exhaust fumes back into the intake, on both diesel and gas. Dodge has had some major problems since they were required to put emission systems on their Cummins motor, and have been facing lawsuits. The dumbasses that are purposely “rolling coal” without the truck straining, towing a large load, are turning up the fuel delivery to have the soot come out. All soot is is under burnt fuel. All stock equipment emissions or not will roll coal while under load.

  • Derrick

    Actually even when “rollin coal” a diesel engine still puts out less emissions and carcinogens then most gas engines. I don’t see the problem with it and think some of these idiots saying its horrible for the environment need to go back to playing world of warcraft in their mama’s basement and quit trying to talk out their buts. That’s all.

  • silvestris

    What you described is EGR, which is one of many types of emission controls. There are millions of emission-controlled vehicles that don’t have anything like that.

  • silvestris

    Ever heard of secondary organic aerosol (SOA)? No, I thought not. Diesel engines make 15 times more of it than gas engines– and that’s when they are running properly.

    It’s infantile, rude, and has absolutely no purpose except to show what an idiot the driver is. It doesn’t increase your fuel mileage, shorten your stopping distances, make your engine last longer, or increase performance. All it does is waste fuel, annoy people, and pollute the air.

    Grow up.

  • silvestris

    I like performance modifications too. I’ve done a number of them myself. That’s not what this article is about.

    I get the feeling that most of the people arguing haven’t even read this article. It says here that “rolling coal” is modifying the vehicle to increase soot or smoke emissions. It doesn’t sound at all like what you’re doing. The people that are the target of this law are people who dump smoke on others to annoy them– no other reason.

    Existing laws already prohibit performance modifications that increase the emissions, even in places that do not require tests. “Rolling coal” is already illegal– this simply would allow cops who witness the cloud of smoke to cite violators directly without having remote emission-measuring equipment. Sorry, but you don’t have the right to pollute the air in order to annoy people. If there was a benefit to it, we could do a cost-benefit analysis. There isn’t one. It’s all cost and no benefit.

  • silvestris

    Not the US EPA. It says it is already illegal by the US EPA. This is proposed by a member of the Illinois state legislature. Does anyone actually read the article before commenting?

  • silvestris

    Burden of proof is on them to prove you did modify it. You didn’t, so no problem here.

  • DoubleCoppers

    And you are exhibit # 1 of your points. Thanks for the laugh.

  • DoubleCoppers

    By the “logic” you use, someone can kill you b/c they are pursuing happiness. If you had any smarts at all, you’d realize your freedoms can’t impose on other peoples’ freedoms. It’s clear you haven’t read or understood our constitution; you’ve absorbed the mindless, ignorant drivel you’ve heard other people spout.

  • DoubleCoppers

    So it would be OK for someone to shoot you in the face because “it’s something they do?”

  • DoubleCoppers

    PMS much?
    Nobody is throwing paint to help you. You were a d*** or a c***, and the rest of us are telling you to stop.

  • DoubleCoppers

    You can have any opinion you want. What you can’t do is take any action that reduces my freedoms. If you want to roll coal, pipe it inside your truck, not into the air all of us breathe.

  • DoubleCoppers

    If you want to roll coal, pipe it inside your truck, not into the air all of us breathe.

  • DoubleCoppers

    I drive a diesel too, but if you want to roll coal, pipe it inside your truck, not into the air all of us breathe.

  • DoubleCoppers

    If you want to roll coal, pipe it inside your truck, not into the air all of us breathe.

  • DoubleCoppers

    You bought a truck. OK. So if I buy a gun, do I have the right to shoot you? That might be doing what I want with it.
    If you want to roll coal, pipe it inside your truck, not into the air all of us breathe.

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  • Trucker Kev

    Shit some of these fuckers roll more coal than an old ALCO. I thought my old 425 mec. Kitty blew some but wow.

  • Greg Gerlach

    well it can and does impede line of sight and when they try to get in front of a car to do it that can cause a near crash, so while “rolling coal” is not directly bad, some of the side effects could cause loss of life.

  • ssybesma

    I like it…knock some financial sense into these morons if you can’t reason with them any other way. Should be a penalty for being an intentionally polluting douchebag who likes blowing large clouds of thick black smoke in other people’s faces.

    A better idea for a penalty may be to force these dumb bastards to get up close and breathe for several hours straight from the asses of numerous guys who just filled up on beans and boiled eggs. Here you go, take a deep whiff of my human muffler you retard!

    These idiots do fit a stereotype. The one I saw today fit others I’ve seen in the last 2 years.

    They’re usually scrawny and pencil-necked, likely with severe inferiority complexes who probably live with mommy and therefore able to devote their entire $10 per hour paychecks to their substitute for the large dick they don’t have.

    Forget the humble opinions…someone has to tell it like it is.

  • kurtis

    Most of the whining down here are Prius drivers, who just want attention. There is nothing wrong with “Rolling Coal” because it is just a form of exhaust given out by a diesel engine. Even if the smoke is not visible. It’s gives off the same amount of pollution. So people need to grow up and quit being little bitches

  • thinkalittlefirst

    actually the modifications that allow an engine to roll coal boost performance quite a bit and mileage also, most of these trucks when done properly will increase horse power from the original 250 hp, to 700 hp up to well above 1000hp that when driven normally don’t produce clouds of smoke, It’s unfortunate that a few idiots smoking out an intersection makes a politician feel that the solution is to go after the 99% that don’t abuse their horse power by inserting more government control into our daily lives. Its been verified that diesel emissions were way over calculated originally and that they mostly produce soot, like inside your fireplace, if you ran a diesel engine inside a closed garage it would not kill you like a gas engine would, so diesels are actually a lot more eco friendly then gas powered engine, bur people see black smoke and imagine the worst.

  • thinkalittlefirst

    yeah let them that roll coal in intersections have consequences (its called an excessive smoke ticket), unfortunately politicians like to grand stand and regulate everyone that they can. So a ticket is not enough for these idiot politicians and they take away every right/freedom they can from you !!

  • thinkalittlefirst

    If you really think all the smoke at truck pulls is for show then you are completely ignorant of how competition diesels engines work, banks is the only diesel racer that has no smoke out of his diesel engines, and they are expensive.

  • thinkalittlefirst

    Maybe you should just move if it aggravates you so much.

  • thinkalittlefirst

    Maybe they should ban the black scary military looking ones.

  • thinkalittlefirst

    hes not a real “biker” , he means bicycle rider, his bike is a Schwinn, I think they like to say biker because it sound cool…

  • thinkalittlefirst

    Did you ever think there might be something wrong with punishing 99% for what the 1% does, Don’t accept this logic , you being brain washed.

  • thinkalittlefirst

    These are the same people than are banning burning, everything they don’t do or understand is an assault in their way of thinking. just like when you don’t agree with their politics they immediately call you a racist or a bigot.

  • thinkalittlefirst

    some people always go nuclear, if you roll coal you can also kill someone, big difference, same people that say you want a nuclear weapon when you say you don/t think gun rights should be restricted….

  • thinkalittlefirst

    They don’t care, you cab be reduced to only pedal cars, and then they would regulate them.

  • thinkalittlefirst

    CARB us a rogue agency, that hires their high school friends that have fake credentials, and then when they get caught just transfer them to another department, they are the poster child for bullies, putting mom and pop businesses on the un employment lines, very corrupt kalifornastan.

  • Alicia

    Why am I not surprised you read Breitbart religiously? Your username is ironic, given the quality of your comments.

  • Alicia

    The 1% is probably around the percentage of Americans who would even consider rolling coal. 99% of us are more sane than that. Did you ever think there might be something wrong with punishing 99% (by making air quality worse) for what the 1% does?

  • Gene

    Mr. thinkalittlefirst, Just where did you get your page of misinformation? Yes, you can modify a current American pickup’s Diesel engine (PowerStroke, Duramax or Cummins) to deliver 1000 or more horsepower; but it won’t be more fuel-efficient at all. You will not get better fuel mileage. Power takes fuel. More power takes more fuel. “Rolling coal” wastes fuel by converting the unburned (wasted) fuel into oily black soot.

    That black soot from “rolling coal” is a known carcinogen; along with that smokey soot are stupendous amounts of Nitrogen Oxides (N2O, NO2, NO, and a few other combinations) which also are poisonous to humans.
    Running a Diesel engine (even the new ones with DEF systems) in a closed garage would choke you to death if it didn’t asphyxiate you first. So, take some of your own advice and read a little, then think a little bit more.