New GM Wagon On The Way

New GM Wagon On The Way

The much loved wagon variant of the Cadillac CTS is on its way back, but there are reports that it could debut with a different badge on its grille.

Yes, GM is considering adding a wagon back to its lineup, one that would be a spiritual successor to the Cadillac CTS sport wagon sold between 2008 and 2013. While the Cadillac brand may be a logical fit, a report from Motor Trend has GM VP and product chief Mark Reuss suggesting that such a car may not be branded a Cadillac.

That leaves the Buick and Chevrolet brands as the possible destinations for such a station wagon. Reuss also hinted that the mystery wagon could include both manual transmission and diesel engine options.

When the ATS was was first revealed, Cadillac mentioned that a diesel wagon version will be on the way for European customers. However, since then, the company has seen several changes in terms of leadership and brand direction. Currently, a wagon version of the Chevrolet Cruze is available in overseas markets.

[Source: Motor Trend]

  • Hunter Wilson

    I’m torn between whether I want them to make another wagon, because I love my CTS wagon and would buy another. OR don’t make a new wagon and mine retains higher value.

  • Cadillac has been ruining everything they touch over the past year or two, so it’s probably best that they just leave it alone. The CTS wagon was a great thing, but the “new Cadillac” would probably find a way to ruin it.

  • vagondr

    I too love my V wagon. I don’t believe that America will ever make a better car. I’m more concerned with not being able to replace mine if something happens to the car than retention of value. Hard to believe there will be another manual version considering how few were sold. I’d definitely be interested if I wear mine out. No stick no sale regardless of power.