Oregon to Implement Per-Mile Road Tax

Oregon to Implement Per-Mile Road Tax

Oregon residents with electric vehicles may soon be facing a per-mile tax.

In a bid to find ways to fund road maintenance, the state will be offering its drivers a choice to either pay the gax tax at the pump or pay 1.5 cents per mile driven. Oregon’s Department of Transportation has partnered with road-tolling company Sanef ITS Technologies America, Inc. and connected car company Intelligent Mechatronic Systems, Inc. to launch an initial program that will have as many as 5,000 registered vehicle owners. Legislation is limiting the participation to 5,000 volunteers initially so that it can “see how the public would accept the program.”

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The program will provide a device that plugs into a vehicle’s on-board diagnostics port to gather mileage data similar to usage-based insurance programs. Drivers that participate in the program will still pay tax at the gas pump but at the end of each month, the data will be compared to the 1.5-cent-per-mile tax owed against what the driver paid in gas taxes. Those results will be sent over to the Department of Transportation and participants will either receive a rebate or an invoice for per-mile taxes due.

The per-mile tax is targeting electric vehicle owners who aren’t paying any taxes to drive on a daily basis as states look for ways to raise funding for road maintenance. Over 10 states, including Florida, are drafting legislation for similar programs or considering trial runs like Oregon.

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  • smartacus

    Probably plugs into the OBD II port, but then where do you plug in the Progressive “Snapshot” ?

  • craigcole

    As painful as it is this makes sense since EV drivers aren’t paying as much in gas tax to keep the roads funded.

  • Thunder 69er

    I don’t really want the government to know when and where I travel. This is Big Brother monitoring people’s daily lives. On the other hand EV owners need to pay something for road use and upkeep.

  • sv

    I am a WA resident and we pay a flat $150/year for my EV in lieu of gas tax. I greatly prefer the flat fee over big brother tacking where I travel and when regardless of which is “cheap.

  • Jimny

    Why punish them for making the right choice for the lungs of future generations? Why not tax gas drivers more?

  • smartacus

    exactly right. I see financially challenged young men commuting on motorcycles every day to save money. Their 35-40MPG bikes that only weigh 300-500 lbs and only put two tires of wear onto the roads get to enjoy the privilege of subsidizing all the wear and tear caused by 4800lb Teslae whose drivers certainly should afford to pay their fair share at the very least.

  • DoctorFeelgoodMD

    Another grab brought to you by a state that loves to give its citizens. Next will be a bicycle tax, then skate board tax, followed by a lawnmower tax.

  • pywaket_1

    Well, isn’t that special! So now anyone driving a vehicle that gets less than 20 MPG will pay less tax. Since the Oregon gas tax is $0.30 per gallon, the Hummer driver getting 10 MPG will now pay 1.5 cents a mile instead of the 3 cents they used to pay. If you assume they drive 15000 miles per year, their tax will be reduced from $450 a year to $225. Way to go, Oregon! Subsidizing the gas guzzlers and penalizing the people who buy small, efficient cars.

  • DoubleCoppers

    It’s not “punishment,” it’s having them pay their fair share (and all liberals love “fairness” unless it costs them instead of someone else). As for their contribution to air quality, a lot of the electricity for EVs comes from natural gas, nuclear, and some coal. You might want to pay attention to some of those things that are out of sight, and don’t believe anything told by Fearless Leader, environmentalists, and Big Media.

  • Rex

    People in Oregon should WAKE UP and quit voting Democrat. Democrats don’t want to help you, they want to control you.

  • Rex

    Reminder, it’s a Democrat controlled state.

  • Rex

    In Liberal states on the East Coast, they have annual vehicles inspections where they also check the mileage. Guess what might be coming your way MORE INTRUSION!!!!

  • pywaket_1

    Yeah, those darn liberals who run Texas, Missouri, North Carolina, Louisiana, Nebraska and Utah! What will they think of next????