Peak Drinking Age of Men is 25: Study

Peak Drinking Age of Men is 25: Study

A recent study has shown the peak age that a man drinks alcohol.

According to the UK study, alcohol consumption sharply rises during the teenage years and peaks at the age of 25 with very frequent drinking more likely among men in their mid to old age. The study conducted surveyed around 60,000 people ranging from adolescents to those over 90.

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In the study, women were found to have steadier drinking rates throughout their lives compared to men with a slow, but significant decline around the age of 65. Men are also twice as likely as women to become addicted to drinking or exhibiting abusive behavior while drunk.

“I wasn’t shocked to see that alcohol volume changes over the life course, but the high proportion of older men drinking daily is a bit alarming,” said lead research Dr. Annie Britton at University College London. “It raises concerns that they are becoming dependent on alcohol and there are risks in this age group mixing alcohol with medications.”

[Source: The New Zealand Herald]

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