Petition to Reinstate Jeremy Clarkson Hits 1 Million Signatures

Petition to Reinstate Jeremy Clarkson Hits 1 Million Signatures

One million fans of Jeremy Clarkson have now signed a petition to get the ousted host of Top Gear back on the air.

The petition on was started on Tuesday, March 10 by UK website, which is also known as Guido Fawkes.

“Top Gear is the BBC’s greatest export and Jeremy Clarkson is central to the show’s success.,” said a spokesman for Guido Fawkes. “He’s a living legend and the overwhelming success of the petition shows how popular he is with the British people. A bunch of left-wing pinkos at the BBC have been out to get him for ages, we want to see him re-instated and the BBC’s bed wetters defeated.”

Clarkson suspendedGuido Fawkes’ support for Clarkson didn’t stop with the petition. Once it hit the 1 million mark, the group rented a tank and hand delivered the petition to BBC headquarters with it.

Clarkson was suspended after a “fracas” that involved one of the show’s producers. According to reports, Clarkson was upset with the catering and punched one of the producers over it.

The BBC has now announced that the final three episodes of this season have been cancelled because of Clarkson, further alienating fans of the show. Initially, the BBC said that the episodes were just being postponed. An investigation into the incident is currently underway and findings will be released next week.

So far, Clarkson has been pretty much silent on the situation, besides changing his twitter bio to read, “I am probably a presenter on the BBC2 motoring show, Top Gear.”

How do you feel about Clarkson’s suspension? Let us know in the comments below.

Tank photo credit: Lauren Hurley/PA Wire

  • sound_man1985

    Weird. When you go on they still need 2,700 signatures. Also if anyone is interested; here is the link;

  • Felix James

    It says 2489 now for me.

  • John Spires

    I love top gear and have watched since the beginning! I don’t condone idiot behavior whether it be Kanye or Clarkson. I decidedly hate one compared to the other however it’s sad that people are willing to flex for these personalities when they are not good at being human. The idiots that defend this terrible behavior are no better than the morons who love the Kardashians. He’ll get picked up and make even more money elsewhere. Asshole sells. It should not.

  • smartacus

    this is getting interesting

  • Matt

    He’s great, a little eccentric like any artist. The BBC needs to let up and bring back TOP GEAR. He is Top Gear, I hope the BBC knows this.

  • Dave

    Clarkson is their main person of credibility. He tells it like it is about the cars saying what others won’t say. Keep him or I won’t watch the show. That is my vote.