This is Fisker’s New Logo

This is Fisker’s New Logo

This is the new logo for “Elux,” the company you knew formerly as Fisker.

Wanxiang Group bought Fisker in February with plans to resurrect the Karma plug-in hybrid luxury car. Shortly afterwards, Reuters reported that Wanxiang planned to strip the company of its previous name and re-brand it as “Elux.” On March 12, Fisker Automotive and Technology Group LLC  filed to trademark what will be the logo for the company.

The Elux Karma will reportedly carry a price premium of roughly $25,000 over the roughly $103,000 to $116,000 that it retailed for prior to the company going belly up. That means the Karma will probably cost roughly $135,000 when it arrives. Originally, the company said it planned to re-boot Karma sales later this year. Citing two unnamed sources, Reuters reported in February that Wanxiang was still trying to shore up a manufacturing facility to build the Karma, pushing the timeline for delivery back to mid-2016.

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