Toyota to Offer New Safety Tech in 2015

Toyota to Offer New Safety Tech in 2015

The latest safety system from Toyota will reach vehicles being sold in the U.S. later this year.

Toyota debuted its “Toyota Safety Sense C” system in the refreshed Corolla in its home market ahead of its arrival here. It is one of two new safety systems the company plans to begin offering here. The other is called “Toyota Safety Sense P” (TSSP) and will be sold in more expensive models while the TSSC system will come on less expensive products.

TSSC is able to stop a vehicle traveling at roughly 19 MPH (30 km/h) before impact and will operate at up to 50 MPH. At up to that speed, the system is able to slow the vehicle down by 19 MPH before impact to lessen the severity of the crash.

TSSP, which Toyota expects to see more widely implemented in North America where large vehicles are popular, can stop the car completely at speed up to 25 MPH and is able to slow the vehicle by that much before impact at speeds beyond 25 MPH. The TSSP system is also able to detect pedestrians and stop the car before it hits them at up to 19 MPH.

Toyota hasn’t outlined a plan explaining which vehicles will get TSSC versus TSSP, but it said that most nameplates and trim levels available in the U.S. and Europe will be available with one version of the system or another by 2017.

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  • Mark

    So, if you are going 19 mph or under, it will stop the car. If you are doing 50 mph, you will be going 31 mph at impact? If you are going over 50 mph, your out of luck? That’s confusing….

  • Luke Vandezande

    You’ve got it right. Intervention available at up to 50 MPH.

  • Anonymous age 72

    I hope they know what they are doing. I can see a family in the car driving down a suburban street, when a large bird flies in front. Full braking without warning. And, all the cars behind end up as junk. Unless they have the same system.

    Well, let us hope not. But, in the golden age of science fiction they wrote humorous tales of automation like this.

    I think I’ll pass.