Toyota Yaris WRC Racer to Spawn Road Car

Toyota Yaris WRC Racer to Spawn Road Car

Toyota’s new rally car won’t only be for the racetrack. 

Starting in 2017, Toyota will begin fielding a rally-prepped Yaris in the World Rally Championship and to meet FIA homologation regulations, the brand will have to sell at least 2,500 rally-spec versions to the public.

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The rally car will be based on the next-generation Yaris and will pack a turbocharged 1.6-liter four-cylinder that makes about 300 hp when it is competing. The road-going version will likely receive the same 2.0-liter turbocharged four cylinder that can be found in the Lexus NX, making about 234 hp.

Large wheel arches, a large rear spoiler and a full aerodynamic makeover will set the rally-spec Yaris apart.

Europe will be the car’s primary market, so don’t expect to see the hot hatch Yaris in North America. It will likely cost about the same as the Volkswagen Polo R, so roughly 33,900 Euros.


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  • Mike

    America never gets the cool little cars. And if this is Mazda made, as I hear the new Yaris is, no thanks. I’m not paying Toyota prices for Mazda quality.

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