Chevy Spark EV Gets Price Cut

Chevy Spark EV Gets Price Cut

Chevrolet is making the Spark EV more affordable. 

The company is cutting $1,650 off the car’s price tag, bringing the total MSRP to $25,995, though once cash incentives and federal tax credits are added the price drops to just $14,995.

A new cheap lease offer of $139 per month for 39 months with no money down has also been introduced for the Spark EV.

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Chevy has moved a total of 2,116 Spark EVs since the car was introduced. Right now, it is only sold in California and Oregon, though Chevy will begin selling the car in Maryland this summer.

Cash incentives offered by Chevy vary by state: $1,000 is offered in California, $1,200 in Maryland and $3,500 in Oregon. Each state also offers different rebates, with California giving a $2,500 tax rebate, Maryland offering a $2,300 tax break while Oregon doesn’t offer any incentives for EV buyers.

The Spark EV has an estimated range of 82 miles on a full charge.

The low price of gas has been blamed recently for slow EV sales, causing many automakers to cut pricing on electric vehicles.

[Source: Automotive News]

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  • Mike

    Anybody that would pay $26k for a Chevy Spark is the ultimate moron.