Geely Small SUV Aims for Sales in Europe, US

Geely Small SUV Aims for Sales in Europe, US

Chinese automaker Geely is preparing a small SUV that it wants to sell in Europe and the U.S. 

It is slated to be revealed late next year, with Chinese sales to start in 2017. The Geely small SUV will then go on sale in Europe about a year later and will eventually make its way to the United States according to two senior executives, one of which recently left the company.

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A plug-in hybrid model of the Geely small SUV will be the first sold in Europe, a calculated move to establish the brand as a maker of affordable high-tech cars. “It’s an effort to burnish our brand before we bring out more mainstream gasoline-fueled cars to Europe and eventually to the U.S.,” one of the executives told Automotive News.

The SUV will be based on the Compact Modular Architecture (CMA) that was jointly developed with Volvo. CMA will underpin a new generation of small cars for both Volvo and Geely.

[Source: Automotive News]