Honda S1000 Rumored for Production


The Honda S1000 has reportedly been green lit for production.

The all-new Honda S660 was recently launched in Japan and now there are reports that the Japanese automaker has approved a more powerful S1000 model that will be built and exported to other markets. The company has hinted numerous times that a S1000 was in the plans and it appears that it will be powered by a 1.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder VTEC engine with well over 100 hp. According to a Motoring source, Honda’s new three-cylinder turbo engines are “so hi-tech that without even trying they pump out roughly 60kW (80 hp).”

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That’s not all, as rumors suggest that Honda is planning a S660 Type R model that will take its current powerplant and push it to around 100 hp. Unfortunately don’t expect the hotter model to make an appearance until mid-to-late 2016 and even then, it isn’t likely to come to the U.S. Now if a S1000 makes it to North America then there might be a reason to get excited.

[Source: Motoring]

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  • Jonny_Vancouver

    Dear Honda,

    I’ve never asked you for anything, not even when the 2012 Civic was such a disappointment, but I’m asking for something now: Please bring this car to North America with it’s 100 hp high tech motor.


  • Phil

    well said

    so this thing is rear engine/rear wheel driven … thats pretty sweet .. a north american version that’s pushes140hp out of a 1.0L and an affordable base price would make great competition to the miata

  • smartacus

    Honduh needs to make the 127HP S1000 and the 100HP S660 Type R a reality!
    and bring them here pronto!

  • smartacus

    and I don’t even like Honduh


  • Shiratori90

    Like others have said, a larger version of the S660 would be a great Miata competitor. Drop in the 1.5T and run with it.