NHTSA Plans Auto Safety Summit

NHTSA Plans Auto Safety Summit

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) wants to sit down with the CEOs of all major automakers to talk safety.

Mark Rosekind, NHTSA’s chief, wants to hold a summit as early as this June to to discuss how each auto company handles safety and how to improve safety in the auto industry. The CEOs of the big three Detroit brands will be invited along with top U.S. brass of foreign auto companies, although no official invites have been sent yet.

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“We’re not reacting to a specific event or a crisis. This is a more [general] reaction to what the administrator has seen and conversations he has had about the safety culture in the industry,” NHTSA spokesman Gordon Trowbridge told Automotive News. “We’re trying to get on top of these sorts of issues before they happen, before we have a crisis that requires us to call the industry in and say that ‘this is unacceptable and you must change your ways.’”

NHTSA has come under fire recently over the delayed recall of 2.6-million GM vehicles with faulty ignition switches, to which at least 84 deaths are attributed.

The agency is also holding a public workshop on April 28 looking at how to ensure that recalled vehicles actually get fixed. Representatives from automakers, dealers and NHTSA will all speak at the workshop, which will be held at the Department of Transportation’s headquarters in Washington.

[Source: Automotive News]