Ram CEO Says Midsize Pickup is Too Costly

Ram CEO Says Midsize Pickup is Too Costly

A midsize pickup truck doesn’t seem to be in the cards for Ram. 

CEO Bob Hegbloom told Automotive News that he can’t make the numbers add up to justify bringing a new midsize pickup truck to the U.S., with fuel economy proving to be the major sticking point.

“If full-size now is pushing 30 [mpg], you’re going to expect a midsize to be at least at 35,” Hegbloom said. “You’re also going to expect it to be significantly less expensive. But to bring the technology in to deliver on 35 mpg, then you’re going to raise the price.”

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The most efficient trucks in the midsize segment are the new Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon, which top out at 27 mpg on the highway, not even close to the 35 mpg Hegbloom says a small truck would need. A midsize truck with a small diesel that achieves 35 mpg is possible says Hegbloom, but the technology needed to make the truck so efficient would also drive the price up.

Recently, reports claimed that Ram was looking at bringing the small 700 pickup to the U.S., but Hegbloom also put those to bed, simply saying, “certainly we’ve looked at it and we’ll continue to look at opportunities.”

[Source: Automotive News]

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  • SSXT

    Discussed already in regards the Hyundai small pickup/ute. But the Ram 700 should be brought over.

    I know they have their peeps that crunch the #’s, but hard to believe they can’t make this small ‘truck’ work.

    Or they should just remake the Rampage!

  • stephen citron

    A better idea would be to use the Jeep Wrangler platform in 2wd, and just build a small box. No additional tooling, no additional need for development of CAFE standards, ETC. The Wrangler is already a V-6, and should get the small diesel in 2017. So, this seems like a no brain needed idea. The mileage could be better, but I for one would be in line to buy one.

  • mlewis73

    As if $55,000 for a one-ton pickup isn’t too expensive already…

    New truck prices have become beyond absurd. Ram could really take a leadership role by providing a diesel powered one-ton truck within the price range of regular folks. Not everyone who needs a heavy duty pickup is a business owner who can get tax breaks, special incentives, etc.

  • Turbo Diesel

    Yeah, no shit!!! I couldn’t agree more.

  • papagrune123

    They could make a rampage clone off the Dodge Journey platform. The current 4 cyl model with the 4 speed auto available lacks too much HP. The v6 is supposed to be a kick but engine and 6 or 8 sp auto transmission. Tow capacity is heavier than you would think. with the v6 being better. I loved my El Camino’s and was hopping GM would bring one from Auzzie land when they could. Put air in the rear factory shocks and it could carry most things a homeowner would put in it. I carried plywood and other lumber stuff. I would buy one.

  • oldwillys

    Come on CEO Bob bring back the Dakota!! My 04 is pushing 300k miles and I need a new mid sized truck that can take be places I hunt and camp that your big trucks can not go!

    Looks like I am going to buy a Chevy Colorado….