Sub-$200K Lamborghini Model Unlikely

Lamborghini has no current plans to create a new model for the “entry-level exotic” segment.

Car and Driver spoke to Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann to see whether the Italian automaker feels threatened by McLaren’s new entry-level offerings and where the company is heading in the immediate future.

Winkelmann may have been taking a couple of courses on how to deal with the press, saying that he’s “learned one thing in the automotive industry” and that’s “to say ‘never say never,’ and it’s clear the small segment is very competitive.” But for now, Lamborghini isn’t interested in developing a brand new car for the segment, although Winkelmann wouldn’t rule out variants of existing models. “When we speak about derivatives inside the models then there might be, here and here, some opportunities,” he said.

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As for the Lamborghini Asterion plug-in hybrid, there have been on-again and off-again rumors that it might become a reality. Winkelmann has confirmed in this latest interview that there are no plans on producing the model and reiterated that the Asterion was created as a technological demonstrator to showcase what Lamborghini would have to do if it needed to adapt to regulations.

He also stopped short of saying that the Urus SUV has been greenlit for production, saying that the SUV segment is a growing one and believes that there are “is no luxury SUV out there at this time. We think that there is a market, and we also think this is well distributed over the regions of this planet, which is key also for the idea of entering this segment. And also it’s a very emotional segment, so if we speak about the four-door car, this is something that is really interesting, but there is no decision made so far yet.”

[Source: Car and Driver]

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