VW Passat Electrical Issue Prompts NHTSA Investigation

VW Passat Electrical Issue Prompts NHTSA Investigation

About 30,000 Volkswagen sedans are under federal investigation over an electrical issue. 

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is looking into the VW Passat and CC Sedan from the 2012 model year after receiving numerous complaints about the steering column control module.

If the module malfunctions, the car’s steering-wheel mounted controls can fail, but more importantly, the driver’s airbag might fail to function in a collision.

Volkswagen is fully cooperating with NHTSA’s preliminary investigation which may result in a recall if a widespread issue is found.

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  • pwb

    VW has had quality issues for many years, including many electrical issues. We owned a 2002 Passat that would discharge over a few days if not driven. If you’ve never had to deal with VW of America, consider yourself blessed. Because they couldn’t find the problem, VW’s final solution was to give us a solar panel to use in our windowless garage. This was a great driver, when it would start. In 2005, it turned into a Caddy CTS that has been bullet proof.