What Does the Smoke from My Exhaust Mean?

What Does the Smoke from My Exhaust Mean?

If you see different colored exhaust fumes it’s time to pay attention to your car. Even if your vehicle isn’t flashing any warning lights, the smoke coming from your exhaust is a signal that something might not be working properly.

What does BLUE smoke from my exhaust mean?

If your car is blowing blue smoke, it’s a clear sign that the engine is burning oil. What happens is that the valve guide seals or piston rings are worn out, and oil is leaking past from where it should be lubricating the moving parts, to the combustion chamber where it’s being burned up with the fuel.

If you’re seeing this kind of smoke, check your oil regularly and watch for consumption issues. While an issue that normally should require immediate attention and expensive repairs, including some internal replacement parts, if your vehicle is old and the leak is minimal, it can be carefully managed by topping up the oil on a regular basis.

Along with environmental damage, burning oil can cause rough starts, as the process can ruin the car’s spark plugs.

There is another reason for blue smoke, and that’s if the car is turbocharged; the smoke being a sign that the blower is in need of rebuilding or replacement.

What does GRAY smoke from my exhaust mean?

Gray smoke is hard to diagnose directly. Like blue smoke, it can mean that the car is burning oil or suffering from a bad turbocharger. Take the same precautions as with blue smoke, and check for excessive oil consumption.

Gray smoke can also be an issue with your automatic transmission fluid getting burned up in the engine. A faulty transmission vacuum modulator would be the culprit in this situation, leading to transmission fluid getting sucked into the engine and getting burned up.

Furthermore, gray smoke could mean a stuck PCV valve. The PCV system (Positive Crankcase Ventilation) cuts down on harmful emissions by recycling them back into the combustion chamber. However, when the PCV valve gets stuck, pressure can build and lead to oil leaks. Fortunately, PCV valves aren’t expensive, and can be a quick job for a mechanic or a do-it-yourselfer.

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What does WHITE smoke from my exhaust mean?

White smoke can be nothing to be concerned about if it’s thin, like vapor. This is probably the result of normal condensation buildup inside the exhaust system. This kind of smoke disappears quickly.

However, thicker smoke is a big problem, and can be caused the engine burning coolant. This can be the result of a serious issue like a blown head gasket, a damaged cylinder head, or a cracked engine block – all of which are costly repairs.

Don’t ignore it, however, as the problem could become far worse. Even a small leak in the coolant can lead to overheating and serious risk of damage to the engine. A coolant leak can also mix with oil and cause serious headaches for you and your car.

What does BLACK smoke from my exhaust mean?

Black exhaust smoke means the engine is burning too much fuel. The first think you should check is your air-filter and other intake components like sensors, fuel injectors and the fuel-pressure regulator. Other reasons could be a clogged fuel return line. Black smoke is usually the easiest issue to diagnose and fix, but burning unnecessary fuel will definitely affect your fuel economy, so don’t think of avoiding this one to save money, it won’t work.

Any smoke coming from your car’s exhaust pipe is a sign that your car is in distress. Pay attention to what it needs to ensure more miles for your vehicle.

  • Robert Buchanan2

    Surely the white smoke you are describing is steam, this should be easy recognised as it will quickly dissapear.
    However if we are talking diesel engines only this would indicate unburnt fuel, an inspection of the fuel injection system should be undertaken including the timing.
    Diesel Bob

  • I’ve used synthetic for more than twenty years and seldom see any exhaust that concerns me. The first few minutes the most I see is steam for a few minutes but by the time I get to the first light, there’s nothing to see coming from the exhaust. A neighbor who uses synthetic 2-cycle in his scooter also has a similar experience.

  • Brian Green

    can any one tell me how to remove the rear window louvres on a mercedes 280 SLC R107 1981 model  

  • This much is true, synthetic oil may not produce any color if burned but that “colorless smoke” can also hide the fact that your valves or piston rings are damaged. 
    I have used it in 2-cycle motors back when I owned a dirt bike. The advantage was that the residue did not produce a blue cloud and was considerably more green in its use.
     But like stated about, synthetic is not a miracle oil, It cannot “heal” normal wear of those parts that will wear with use anyway.

  • Step I

    My car is not overheating I just bought two weeks its was driving so nice about driving for twenty mins today I felt the driving weird so I pulled over lift the hood and nothing I got home turn the car off turned it back on white smoke a thin layer started to come out what could this be the oil is very old and the radiator had brown water

  • Angel Walker

    Hi I have a 1996 Merc sprinter diesel van has started blowing a bit of white smoke on acceleration esp up hills I recently did an oil change any advice thanks.

  • Jim B

    Have a chevy avalanche and it started smoking when I start vehicle. Seems to quit after running for about 10 seconds and does not smoke when I accelerate! truck has 142,000 miles and uses about a quart between oil changes of 3500 miles. Any suggestions?

  • Chris

    How you doing mate.i only have black smoke comming out the exhaust when I put the foot dwn.i had a problem the other week when the engine started to overheat now this is happening any ideas whats up its a turbo diesel

  • Steven

    Nothing’s wrong with it if its a diesel it’s called rolling coal just don’t lay it to the floor

  • Kristine

    My van is leaking oil and I have black smoke coming from exhaust. It was just a little bit and now it is ALOT. There is no knock in the engine or anything…

  • Randy

    changed my 99 s10 4 cyl manual, fuel pump 3 x this month, vehicle getting gas, but will not start. It will crank but will not start.

  • jimi

    I have a 02 Mustang GT 4.6, when driving it drives fine, but at a stand still it idles really low. and if u just let it idle for like 5 minutes and then rev it, it will blow out smoke.

  • raza manaz

    Low/rough idle when stopped is frequently caused by a dirty throttle body. With your engine turned off and cool, remove your rubber/plastic air intake duct from your throttle body. Then use a can of throttle body cleaner and a couple rags to clean both sides of the throttle body’s moveable throttle plate to remove the carbon deposits that are a normal byproduct of combustion. DO NOT remove the throttle body from the engine because you’re only concerned with removing deposits from the edges of the moveable throttle plate and the adjacent sections of the throttle body throat. Also DO NOT use a wire brush as doing so risks removing a protective finish found on many Ford throttle bodies… if needed, just use an old toothbrush. After you reassemble everything, the engine might start roughly and you might temporarily have a check engine due to excess cleaner remaining within the intake manifold but otherwise your idle should be improved.

  • djbchill

    Can the air conditioner cause normal condensation build up in the exhaust which causes white smoke to come from the tail pipe. I have a Jeep Cherokee.

  • jim

    can anyone tell me why my 91 chev blazer with a 4.3 throttle body is blown lots of black smoke from the exhaust,and at an idle aswell

  • Timothy

    hello to anyone who can help i own a 1998 mustang gt 4.6 and im blowin smoke out the tail pipe both tailpipes that is and its not black and its not blue its like a fog lookin colour if that makes sense can someone please help me out need this car to last a good while

  • AGuest

    White smoke can also mean a gas leak where it shouldn’t be leaking, and a very costly repair.

  • Nishan Amaratunga

    I have an Nissan QG 15 DE 1497 cc engine
    It has a very strange issue
    when i drive through the motorway at a constant speed over 80 km/h it suddenly starts emitting grey smoke..which is very smelly.. afterwards i can raise up the RPM it continues to give smoke
    The timing also gets advanced and the i hear the ignition knock…Can anyone of you give me any opinion about what to do

  • tracey

    I have a 04 volk wagon passit and its has a cloud of white smoke when I drive and the oil light comes on and the car reads oil pressure and it shakes really bad can sum1 please tell me what they think it is…

  • Guest

    same problem as JimB whats the solution

  • Tyler Robillard

    I have a 90 Gmc Sierra with the 350 i bought the truck used last friday and just went and got the oil changed…… right after i left from getting the oil changed it started to blow white smoke…. its only when i put my foot into the accelerator and when im idling is when i notice it…… can someone please inform me a bit on this….

  • Vince

    Have a 06 turbo scion tc noticed white smoke from exhaust. Seen their was oil in exhaust pipe check the oil there was no oil in the engine. Any indication what this may be?

  • Sheldon Wickwar

    I have the same problem with my 91 silverado, not exactly sure what’s up

  • ford ranger girl

    I have a 2000 ford ranger xl and we have replaced o2, fuel filter, battery, camshaft position sensor, and plugs, was starting but you had to hold down the gas petal and turn the ignition, then once got started had a bad gas smell, then was at the stop sing and a big fog of black smoke came up then it would not start is the engine or something else. very frustrated with it because I bought it last year.

  • Phillip Cooper

    Yeah. Time for a new engine.

  • Lee

    I have a 07 plate Mazda 6 TDI.The car drives without problem no lights on the dashboard but has white smoke bellowing out of the exhaust.I have been told it is the turbo but I still have the power.Can anyone help?

  • Cyb

    I have an 89 model Mitsubishi pajero and have been using this without any problem but recently black smoke started to show, the mechanic says it is problem with the carburetor and when I showed it to the carburetor mechanic he says it Is because of the old vehicle or carburetor should be changed. I actually don’t trust the carburetor mechanic maybe he wants us to get rid of the vehicle and sell it to him. Can u please give a convincing reply ?

  • Mark

    I own a 2002 pontiac firebird v8 ls1 5.7l daily driver for me and drives great but all of the sudden I went to the store and when leaving it started really rough low idle and it sort of died out/shut of on me. Went to start it and no start, so I let it sit for a couple min and tried again and it wanted to crank so I gave a little throttle and it started but blew out a cloud of smoke, only from driver side tailpipe tho (weird) but it made me a bit nervous so I turned it off and then my dad went to start it again and it wouldn’t start now?? Is there any advice for my situation? Thanks.

  • Nik

    Ur running lean, check intake gasket and TB gasket

  • Nik

    This means too much air and not enough fuel. Check MAF sensor, try cleaning it and cleaning throttle body. Do it yourself it’s easy with some vids

  • Nik

    If it’s on one side then it’s probs the intake gasket on that side. Easy fix

  • cassius

    I have a 89 chevy caprice that blows out white smoke from the tail,And its idle to high what should i do?

  • baberham

    I have a Mitsubishi Endeavor 2004. It sat outside for the last 2 days while I had my garage sale. When I went to start it today, it wouldn’t start. When I finally got it to start, it made a horrible sound ( the type of sound your car makes when it’s already started & you turn the key to start) and then a lot of bluish white smoke came from the tail pipe. It eventually went away and drove fine ( I just drove a couple blocks to grab my garage sale signs). Any clues what might be happening? Also! On Wednesday last week I turned into a driveway to turn around. When I put my car in reverse & began to press the gas , it died but started back up quickly. I did fill it with gas that day also at a place I’ve never filled up at. Need help! I take very good care of my car. I change the oil every 3000 miles also…. HELP

  • dennis

    I start the car no power and black smoke in tailpipe after warm run good

  • Helen

    I have a 1997 camry LE 6 i had white smoke coming from the tailpipe, I took it in for
    what ever was causing the problem and $ 2. 307.03 of suppose repairs I still have
    the same problem.

  • baig

    I have hyundai elantra gls A/T 2013 model. When I push hard the gas at full and instant, car RPM reaches up to 5K rpm and think white smoke came out from tailpipe. I checked all fluids and they were all level correctly. Is this the sign of damage engine?
    When I replaced the engine oil, smoke gone…. kindly advise me for any necessary action…..

  • ray

    Ihave2003 Chevy Silverado. And I was at light today and whitesmoke. Was comeing out my. Exaust any clues. And help

  • Want2BHomeAlone

    You need to replace the air intake valve. The idle is the problem. Buy the part online for discounted price. The install is approx. $30-50 or do it yourself. Watch the video on Youtube.

  • rrmm

    I have a similar problem. When first start my hyundai elantra white smoke comes out the exhaust pipe. It disapears quickly. I have recently changed the oil.Was wondering if it had to do with that.

  • Drag_sta

    ive got a problem with my integra, nitro not working.any ideas

  • Drag_sta

    also same problem with my nissan r34

  • Lakeisha Sumserious Officewelc

    I have a 1998 dodge avenger and it just starts to smoke from under the hood and into the vents of my car out of no where, thick black smoke to be more detailed and now my pressure is low. Does this means that the engine is about to go out? I need answers

  • marty louise

    I jave a 95 tahoe..it smoking whit smoke when I come to a stop and when I go it sends out smoke..what can it be???..

  • Phillip Cooper

    You have a blown head gasket, or cracked head.

  • Damian Santiago

    I rebuilt my Nissan 240sx’s sr20det but has recently started smoking a lot and is turbo charged, I installed new pistons and piston rings but the smoke is still there. Any idea’s no what it might be? I rebuilt the engine myself with the help of a mechanic and am pretty confident i did it right. However I never looked into the turbo.

  • george

    i just got a 1998 chevy 1500 that some one took the 5.7 350 out and put a 400 small block and it has a little bit of white smoke coming out of tail pipe but when i give it gas black smoke comes out and after warmed up if i shut it off it wont start till it cools down what could this be

  • BoB

    Most likely an auto transmission modulator unit…had this but on a very old Mazda.
    The unit was replaced, and the problem solved.

  • Jamie Brumbaugh J Burden

    Running way to lean

  • tyrell

    I have a 1998 Ford crown Victoria and I just noticed some smoke coming out the tailpipe when I take off… Does this mean the transmission is going?

  • Kris

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  • kylie

    I have a 2005 equinox that was blowing out white smoke. We fixed all the necessary head gaskets and cleaned up the motor. The smoke is still coming out of the exhaust. What else could be causing this? Please help!

  • Ayrielle Stiger

    I have a 2001 Nissan Sentra. My car wouldn’t start a few days ago then I’d gotten my spark plugs cleaned and it started right up but when it did suddenly thick white smoke has been coming out of tailpipe. I got the oil checked and they said its enough in there. Any help with why its smoking?

  • tom

    What system is it

  • Lisa

    I have a tdi 1.4 Fiesta finesse it has just stared to blow black smoke out the exhaust but it will also loose power only for a few seconds till I take my foot off the accelerator and put it back on……any suggestions please

  • 1944forgeking

    My 99 4runner had brand new oil put in it on 4/27 and a week later while driving home a weird sounding pressure release sound was heard and when I got half way home lots of white smoke. the oil was gone. and will start and get this ,no engine light came on.

  • Grady Ashe SR.

    Ihave a 1998SLS Cadillac.I notice smoke coming from the tailpipe when i come to a stop.but when i pull off the smoke disappears.what is the cause for this.and will this cause any damages?since i purchase this vehicle about six months ago it never over heatered.had the oil changed and tranmission fluid changed.

  • jm

    article writer is correct , it is “your vehicle”.
    Kris , learn English properly before commenting.

  • T. Temilade

    Hi I am Deborah, I have a2005 niassan almera Timor when I start up the car it brings out a blue smoke and on driving the smoke disappears and a time I start the car it does not smoke this is a bit worrying any advice pls

  • debbie

    I have a 2003 3100 engine. Loosing coolant white smoke. Not missing or even running bad. What could this be

  • Tom

    I have a 2004 Kia spectra and just 2 days ago leaving work my car stalled at a gas pump I tried starting it but it would not start back up but a couple days before that the car was running rough at startup it would shake violently I was told it could be spark plugs but had those changed just a few days after the violent shake and still it shook horribly my uncle is some what of a mechanic came a jumped my car a kept turning the key till it finally stated back up after a bunch of turns the black smoke as coming out the exhaust I’m think it has something to do with the fuel injectors anyone no Forsure what could of caused this bc I was having a bunch of misfires on it people telling me blown head gasket spark plugs injector don’t know who to trust thanks

  • chris


  • chris

    Sounds like the mechanic forgot to put the oil cap on for the engine, or did not reinstall the drain plug. Only way for you to lose all of your oil. Sue them.

  • Chris

    womp womp. try reading better.

  • Trisha Townsend

    I have a 2000 Vauxhall Vectra 1.6 and recently just had the exhaust changed as the old one had blown and cracked, since then the car has been smoking (white/grey) in lower gears on pull away from a stand still or when i reverse into a parking spot. The coolant level is fine and so is the engine oil, there has been no warning lights yet, a mechanic advised me it likely to be the seals that is allowing the oil to be burnt however its a costly job and dont just want to jump into this as a repair if there could be other issues. Please can someone advise? The car was fine before the exhaust got changed

  • john keller

    Could be burning coolant or catalytic converter blew up on you:/

  • Rebecca Aguero Rodriguez

    I have a 2005 chevy van 1500 and white smoke coming from the tailpipe . All fluids are in order .I recently did a tune up,oil change. What could be the problem?

  • Matty Gamer

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  • Phil Gibbons

    Hi all,

    We recently bought a 2008 Fiat 500 1.3 multijet diesel sport, great little motor but about three weeks later it decided to start blowing out white/ grey smoke on the odd occasion over a few weeks which then started to get more frequent to every day, so we took it to the garage for diagnosis, they couldn’t find any fault codes or any problem but advised us to get the cam chain renewed as it did have a little rattle to it, we had the work done for £480. Not bad we thought for piece of mind. Next day the car was blowing out white/grey smoke again, nothing to do with the timing then but at least she now sounds sweet, we had no water loss or oil loss , no power reduction, no rough tickover, or any bad symptoms at all, just white/grey smoke out of the very smelly exhaust.
    So I got to searching the interweb only to find an article about diesel fuel and how susceptible it is to contaminants (water etc) which can lower the pressure in a common rail diesel engine which can cause all sorts of problems including white/grey or even black smoke. That’s it! I thought to myself, so I drained the fuel tank via the engine filter feed pipe only to find a gallon or two of murky/cloudy diesel fuel in my clear container! So I re-fueled with a litre of clean diesel and drained again several times until clear fuel reached the engine filter, cleaned the filter then re-fueled with fresh diesel. So far no more smoke signals from the 500! So there you go, smoke out of your exhaust may just be bad fuel, it’s worth checking before you have a big garage bill, but at least we have piece of mind that our cam chain is new at 69000 miles.

  • Donovan Whaley

    I have a 1999 Chevy silverado 280xxx miles blows white smoke only when it idles for about 5 minutes, it sits a lot only drove about a mile a week, hasn’t gone over 20 mph in a while, do y’all think it’s carbon build up from sitting or just the old gas that’s been sitting burning up?

  • Luke Davis

    bad idea about the fiat.

  • tim the car guy

    Head gasket

  • Mike

    Fiat is horrid. Cute little cars, but HORRID quality.

  • Tonya

    I had the oil changed in my 2006 Honda Civic Dec 19, 2015 and flew out the next day on vacation. The car sat the whole time until my return Dec 31st. When driving from the airport, there was a very loud buring smell about 25 minutes into the drive. I stopped to get food and it took about 15 min to restart. The next day, the car started with no problem, in roughly 15 minutes it began to smell with very little acceleration, couldn’t go over 10 miles. All the check engine lights came on and a huge cloud of black smoke started coming from the engine. I thought the car was on fire. Because this happened over the weekend I have to wait until Monday to find out what happened.

  • Devin

    I have a 2001 Grand Prix GTP. I’ve been getting heavy white smoke while driving, when trying to start it hesitate to turn over but no coolant or oil loss. Gas burns very fast about a quarter of tank in 15 minutes. What could this be ?

  • Bob Schneider

    Hello, I could not really tell if the smoke from mine is white or gray smoke, it only happens while accelerating on the interstate and I push it’s RPMs.

    I have slight transmission issues, too costly to fix right now, my main concern could be would this exhaust be from my transmission or is it another separate expensive fix like blown gaskets, cracked cylinder, or engine block?

    Please help me chose the best route, I just bought the damn thing, was working fine until a month after I got it.
    In don’t want to get rid of it, she’s a beaut, but should I?

  • Antonio Gregory

    My 02 chevy Tahoe smokes white smoke when idles big cloud of white smoke when I take off

  • Bambi Hendrix Mathes

    My 04 Chryser Pacifica starts to make a loud noise from the rear and has gray smoke coming for the exhaust after driving 20+ miles. No engine or distress lights appear at all. This issue just started happening and I would like to have any opinion on what the problem may be.

  • Miss Hooi

    I have bought a new Mercedez C200d diesel engine since Mach 2016. Its has start emitting white thick smelly smoke from the exhaust after the 3 weeks while driving it. Complaints to Mercedez dealer and they could not find anything wrong with it and told me its normal as it is steam and due to Diesel filter trying to burn out wax from new parts and they told me to monitors it. Its still giving me the same problem emitting white thick smelly smoke and this is the 6 times reoccurrences since I bought this new car. Please advice as I could not see any leak from the car bonnet, to avoid the warranty, could I send my car to other garage to check for second opinion as Mercedez kept saying it is very normal.
    I am afraid this new car might cause me a great bill of repairs and maintenance at later stage.
    Please can someone tell me what is my status, as I guess Mercedez will not exchange another new car for me.

  • John Higgins

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  • Amanda C Hunter

    Is this your first diesel car?

  • Elijah

    I have a 95 Eddie Bauer Ford Explorer I ended up overheating it because a coolant hose busted and I tried getting the rest the way to the part store fixed the hose there but damage was already done I’m not sure what it exactly is but there’s white steam/smoke out the exost and one thing I am sure of is that it’s burning antifreeze. I already used a $40 bottle of Blue Devil in the radiator and I think it made a pretty good difference but it definitely didn’t fix the problem completely. All I can think of is to throw one more bottle of blue devil in it and hope it seals everything that it missed the first time… anyone have any suggestions? Please and thank you any info would be appreciated.

  • sphelele zondo

    I bought a mini cooper s 2010 , it’s making funny noise in the engine (fan problem) , and today it’s released a cloud of smoke when I reversed but it only happened twice , do I need to worry?

  • Jonathan

    A big cloud of smoke just cameout of my exhaust while I was driving what does this mean it only happened for a minute and then it disappeared it’s done it twice so far

  • jeanette fisher-scruton

    Have a 95 camaro 3.4, recently had a Bucky ride and took it in to a shop…when they tried to move it it was dead…so they put it into the garage it did not turn over….nothing….so they came to the conclusion it was the fuel pump and replaced it for over a $1000…when I drove off it was smoking white smoke which is never did before…what is going on??? Also could the emission control device have anything to do with it? …and at my last oil change they brought to my attention that the head gasket was leaking…and lastly after getting it going again (still strong smelling, eye watering white smoke, smoking on the starts and idle) .
    It ran beautifully for awhile and then one night i parked it in the garage and in the morning i turned the key without a sound coming out of it…on random days I tried to start and it randomly started and ran smooth with smoke on the start ups…wiring was noted to need repair…What the!!!!!!

  • bootkiller09

    i got a ford e250 2004 cargo van. i have no external oil leaks that i see or that is showing up on my driveway.. not sure why my van is blowing out white or maybe blue i guess smoke out tailpipe.. this only happens when started. once it runs for 30 seconds to a min its gone. how ever i noticed it.. changed my oil 2 weeks ago. went to check it today and level didnt even show up on the dip stick. i got a check engine light but its for idle air control valve that is the high idle i experience when all this happend. van has 180k on it and use synthetic high milage oil and extended filter and change my self. cost me 50 to 60 each time this way.
    how ever.. im just wondering a few things.. does it mean a blow head gasket? does it mean a cracked block? what could this mean? with no exterinal oil loss besides the tailpipe is black and oily. what can i do to fix it my self ? or can i not? what are ways i can try to pin point what the exact problem is.. i really dont want to put more money out i just put a new trans in my escalade and costed me a fortune and that was due to someone borrowing my car and driving at high speed and hit a speed hump and he claims it wasnt him. but hte person with him says he did.. either way.. im just trying to see if i should repair the motor or just get a new van or fix the issue.. help please thanks

  • East Rool


  • Dan Apthorp

    This tells me there is something wrong happening. I would ask a good mechanic and see what he would say as a blown head gasket and cracked block does the same thing. Your mechanic should not charge for advice . This could have been caused by driving the car at a high speed. Sounds like it could wrecked.

  • Furthermore, gray smoke could mean a stuck PCV valve. The PCV system (Positive Crankcase Ventilation) cuts down on harmful emissions by recycling them back into the combustion chamber. However, when the PCV valve gets stuck, pressure can build and lead to oil leaks. Fortunately, PCV valves aren’t expensive, and can be a quick job for a mechanic or a do-it-yourselfer.

  • Tebogo Motaung Chilli M

    Took my golf 4 for a service but even yet the black smoke is not yet gone what more should I do

  • Tebogo Motaung Chilli M

    Took my golf 4 for a service but even yet the black smoke is not yet gone what more should I do

  • Clayton Macey

    Is it a diesel? Because if so it means you are getting too must fuel and the black smoke is left over diesel.

  • victor

    I use to see blue smoke in the morning but it Clears in some minutes. What might be cause ??