2016 Honda Civic gets VTEC Turbo, Hatchback Bodystyle


Surprising the automotive industry, Honda revealed a new Civic at the New York Auto Show today. This so-called concept strongly hints at what the 10th-generation car will look like when it goes on sale this fall.

The biggest news of this sneak reveal is that Honda has confirmed the upcoming Civic will feature a turbocharged 1.5-liter VTEC engine. Gearbox options include a six-speed manual and one of Honda’s continuously variable transmissions.

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Beyond this exciting powertrain news, the car will be sold as a hatchback in the U.S. once again. Honda will offer a five-door model in the American market for the first time in a decade. This body-style will be sold alongside sedan, coupe and Si models.

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All variants share the same basic architecture — an all-new platform — one that’s larger and safer than ever. The 10th generation Civic was developed in America and designed at Honda’s studio in Los Angeles. It will be built in North America as well.

Worldwide more than 20 million Honda Civics have been sold since the car was introduced back in the early 1970s. The new model should excite exiting customers and attract new buyers.

The sedan model is expected to land on the market first, followed by the coupe and finally the hatchback. Look for the all-hew Honda Civic at dealers this autumn. Further enticing enthusiasts Honda officially announced that they will bring the Civic Type R to the American market.

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  • Andy Ko

    This looks better than the real concept. They should make this accord instead

  • Tim

    April fools?

  • Phil


  • Robert Wyatt Bogart

    if it has 400hp and sells under $25k I will buy one

  • 2 LOUD

    Now just imagine what the next accord is gonna look like for 2018

  • 2 LOUD

    Honda stole the New York auto show with this one, keep em coming Honda…take the crown u deserve


    Can’t wait for the next gen Accord


    Honda needs to keep up with the competition, i think it starts with this car

  • andrew

    I dont see how they will be able to price this effectively. They cant price it at 30k or else we will buy Subaru Wrx’s because those have similar specs and AWD. They cant price it at 25k because then they will screw up the pricing on the civic si. What will Honda do??

  • DoctorFeelgoodMD

    What an ugly color. The guy across the street has an orange Subaru and it’s just as ugly too.

  • DoctorFeelgoodMD

    Maybe you should buy a lottery ticket because 400HP is double that from the factory.

  • kiwi

    By the time it get to new Zealand 45k plus..two door please. .not 4..go civic type r..

  • kiwi

    Look good in dark blue..


    Remember, it’s gonna be turbocharged

  • javi

    c’mom honda a 1.5 liter turbo charge? what a waste. back in the 90’s honda had DOHC Vtec engines in hatchback, like del SOL, and a jdm version of the CRX SI with high compression engine, there was no need for turbo unless you wanted extra power, honda plz create an option to have a DOCH vtec turbocharge engine with this new hatchback.

  • LubecLou

    Before the scoffers spew, keep in mind the turbo 1.5 liter Honda built for Formula 1: 1,400 hp @ 12,000 rpm.

  • LubecLou

    150 hp? Duh. Honda can get 150 hp out of normally aspirated 1.5 liter motor any day of the week. Get a clue.

  • DoctorFeelgoodMD

    OK….what’s the number Einstein?

  • LubecLou

    Well, chump, the last 1.5 liter engine Honda seriously turboed put out 1,400 hp @ 12,000 rpm, i.e., 990+ hp per liter. I expect this one to be somewhere between 200-220 hp. And I know way more about engineering that you could ever hope to learn. Your 100 hp per liter is fine for normally aspirated engines. Hell, I had a 69 Datsun roadster that put out 196 hp from two liters in 1972. Honda will do quite a bit better than that with their turbo.

  • DoctorFeelgoodMD

    Answer the question or maybe you just don’t know. Calling people out on something you have no idea is pretty bad. Childish actually and very immature too. You expect is not good enough because you’re wrong. There you go, making a fool out of yourself once again….par for the course. I found the stats on Honda’s new engines after your “call out”. I advise you to do your homework before showing your rear end boy.

  • LubecLou

    Honda is claiming 174hp/183 torque; a little chip work, cold air intake and exhaust will have it up to 200-220 ez-pz.

  • Draebe Killas

    Almost all engines have been DOHC for a long time now. The old high compression engines run lower compression than this new turbo engine likely will. Many of the new engines are running 11:1 static compression with boost.

    The new type-R is going to be 305hp 295tq from a 2.0L.

  • Draebe Killas

    Except not everyone wants AWD. It has its advantages for certain situations, but replacing all 4 tires every time you get a blowout, or if a tire wears unevenly can put a serious drain on your wallet. With a 2WD vehicle you can replace a single tire, since you can rotate one of the other tires to the drive wheels to keep it even. Not to mention the other costs created by the added complexity of AWD for servicing.

    From the sound of it, this is going to be the new base motor. Turbo is better for efficiency to meet the fuel economy requirements, and it will make less power than the naturally aspirated 2.4L in the current Si. I would imagine this will be available within $1,000 of the current base models.

    The Si will likely remain naturally aspirated, as there are still many people who prefer it. They will likely rework the engine some to give it more power, since the new 1.5L turbo will produce in the 170-180 range for hp/tq. With the current Si only making 205 hp and 175 tq, it will need a little more to separate it. It will probably be increased to around 230 hp / 200 tq with the price staying similar to where it is.

    The type-R on the other hand, with its 305hp and 295tq, will probably start in the mid $30k range and range over $40k with options and extras. Keep in mind that the WRX Sti starts at $35k and with options and extras can go over $45k, and this is the price point of most lower level performance vehicles. It should do alright in this segment.

  • Carla Sanders

    The Civic is overpriced as it is. These new “improvements” might push a base Civic over $20K. Honda is turbocharging a 1.5L because don’t some huge overseas auto markets limit an engine’s displacement to 1.5L? That’s why the Cruze’s turbo is 1.4L and the Fusion’s turbo went from 1.6L to 1.5L. People are gonna look at this new Civic and go straight to Hyundai.

  • spooney83

    he was correct to call you a chump. You have NO idea what the hell you are talking about. 100 per liter – hahahahahaha what year is this? 1979?
    Better get back on your meds “doctor” – good luck w/that GED, bro.

  • Shiratori90

    What bs…….lol

  • Only an uninformed, person with little or no knowledge on Automotive engineering , would choose any Hyundai product over any Honda product. You obviously do not work on your own car, and/or have not spoken with any Auto Mechanic before making such a statement. Plus If you knew anything about Overseas Automotive Licensing, you would know about why there are 1.5 liter, 2.0 liter, etc, etc motor displacement options. The tax laws in other countries, do the limiting, the Auto Companies simply follow that lead. For example while I was in Japan in 1972, there were special incentives for car manufacturers to make 360cc cars and small trucks. This is now 660 cc I believe. Ever drive in the right hand side of a car, shifting with the left hand while driving on the left hand side of the road? I have,,,Another example was the Fairlady Z from Datsun, it came with a 2.0 liter inline 6 in Japan, which in the USA it was 2.4 liters. The Koreans also make Motocycles, but the buying public for motorcycles tend to be slightly more savy when it comes to knowing the difference between nice looking and engineering excelance.

  • The idea of turbo is not only for peak HP, but to increase the Torque as to what would be a 2.5 liter four or better. Since the current 1.5 liter FIT has 130 hp, I would guess this will be more like 185hp and 180 FT-LBs of Torque. Ever see the Skunk2 2006 Honda FIT. It had over 225 hp. and was an under 14 second car. I am all for the 8400 rpm K Motors, and have three Honda/Acura products with these K20’s along with two older Honda Civic SI’s with B16’s, a 1999, and the 93 SI a Japanese Spec B16 with 185 hp. For the street and most driving, Situations, 200ftlbs of torque would be nice. The B16’s were one of the first NA Motoors sold to the general public that had 100+hp per liter. The S-2000 went over that mark.

  • turnipweed

    Car With No Torque has ugly Paint and wheels. Yeesh!

  • turnipweed

    That first sentence is pure BS, or ignorance.

    I’ll bet you said the same thing about Samsung TV’s a few years back.