2017 Scion FR-S To Get More Power, Updated Styling


Enthusiasts wanted an affordable rear-wheel drive sports car, so Toyota delivered the Scion FR-S. It seems like the Japanese automaker is listening to its fans again for the mid-cycle refresh of its tail-happy coupe and will inject it with more performance.

A report from Motoring suggests that the car will have a life cycle of about 8 years, with the mid-cycle refresh coming with the 2017 model year. Part of the refresh will include a slight bump to power and torque, an increase of about five percent. That means you can expect somewhere around 208-hp compared to 200. This boost comes from a new intake manifold and improved engine internals that will reduce friction and help the coupe improve fuel efficiency by about seven percent.

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But as they say in infomercials, “that’s not all!” The upcoming coupe will also get updated suspension that will enhance ride comfort while still delivering the sharp handling that the FR-S is known for. A reinforced rear suspension subframe will also help to retain stability.

Toyota is processing the feedback from its in-house racing arm Gazoo, who have been tuning and modifying the FR-S for racing applications. The Gazoo racing Toyota 86 won its class at the Nurburgring in the past. Expect them to have some big ideas for the chassis of the car.

Finally, the report suggests that the car will get an updated look, starting with a more aggressive front bumper, new headlights and hood, while the rear end will get a new diffuser and exhaust outlets.

Expect the Subaru BRZ to get similar power upgrades, but aesthetic updates that are unique to the brand’s design language. Look for the 2017 Scion FR-S to debut next year

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[Source: Motoring]

  • smartacus

    Hyundai’s 2.0 has more torque than Scion’s 2.0
    (and at a much lower RPM, ie much more useable)
    -AND Hyundai’s 2.0 has 173HP which is not that much lower than the 2017’s 208HP or the 2016 and below’s 200HP
    *just sayin

  • Billy Cypher

    And yet…the FR-S has a faster 0-60 time than any Hyundai with that engine.

  • Maximania

    Those economy engines are mechanically different than “performance” engines. They have undersquare engines with longer piston stroke for every day driving so there’s more usable torque like you mentioned. But the power just hits a point and drops off in the upper RPMs. For a sports car, that just doesn’t feel good. That’s why the same displacement engine with shorter stroke and wider cylinder bore will rev higher, make more power up top, and have less torque (oversquare). Although the FA20 is a square engine, it has oversquare characteristics.

  • smartacus

    guess that explains why the FR-S has lower MPG than even a Mustang 2.3

  • smartacus

    I agree, they need to shed a coupla hundred pounds right now, even the Mustang 2.3 is getting better MPG.

  • smartacus

    yeah I wish it had the torque of an economy engine. Especially that torquey grunt exiting the corners where it needs it the most

  • Eric Cameron

    smartacus I think he’s talking about weight to horsepower ratio. The lighter the car, the fewer ponies required to go fast. Also, fuel efficiency. It’s why the Miata and S2000 were great performing cars.

  • smartacus

    you mean like Colin Chapman’s philosophy of “add lightness”?

  • James Buckle

    Adding lightness is always the answer. It improves not only acceleration and fuel economy but also cornering and stopping.

  • timothyhood

    Am I the only one who was let down after getting his hopes up that “more power” meant more *real* power? I stupidly had hoped that Scion was going to announce 250+ hp.

    I’m sorry, but as long as this car continues to get whipped by the family sedan (the Camrys, Sonatas, Altimas and Accords), it can’t be called a sports car. “Sporty”, maybe, but not sports car.

    Yes, it corners nicely, stays flat and feels like a go-kart, but it lacks low-end torque, needs to be wound up to keep up with traffic and gets poor gas mileage doing so. I drove it. I wanted to like it. I would have bought it. I was even ready to pay more for that extra power.

    But it needs quickness as a redeeming quality to overcome its deficiencies. For those of you who are OK with middling power in your “sports” car, good for you. The rest of us have given up hope that more power will be coming, so we’ll be looking elsewhere.

  • danwat1234

    How about a hybrid version that is more powerful than the regular Fr-s?

  • Billy Cypher

    The horsepower bump will most likely put the 0-60 times to just under 6 seconds (depending on what they do with gearing, etc.), about the same as a stock, 2015 Volkswagen GTI if 0-60 times are what’s important to you.

    Also…I think the point of this engine is that it needs to be wound up (see Maximania’s excellent post below). I like big, beefy V8’s, but that’s not what this car is about. It’s really a matter of taste and doesn’t make this any less of a sports car.

  • Matthew Way

    I highly doubt the Mustang will beat the rated mpg numbers by 10% while driving on the interstate at 80.

    Epa numbers at 50mph and no speed change means almost nothing.

    Adding power within the block is also nice, it means I can still get power when changing the exhaust.

    I agree it should have been 2500lbs.

  • Wisemang

    Scion has zero say in what the power increase will be. This is Toyota and Subaru’s car.

  • silvrado

    All I could think of is rice.

  • HadesClutch

    Except that what Subaru is doing with the BRZ STI isn’t a messily 8 HP increase….

  • HadesClutch

    Yeah but reports on the BRZ STI is that it will get around 330hp so I don’t see how Scion is going to be ok with only 8.

  • Wisemang

    Highly doubt the BRZ STI will ever actually come to fruition.

  • DoctorFeelgoodMD

    If you don’t like the HP rating, add an aftermarket turbo or pass on it all together. All I read is complaints and comparisons…..what a bunch of negative complainers looking for something wrong so they can complain about it. It seems nearly impossible to read something positive these days due to so much negativity in their word.

  • Dominic Brissette

    Then you have no idea what a ricer is.

    A lightweight, RWD, balanced sports car with amazing handling anything but rice.

    But then comes somebody who puts a huge aftermarket spoiler, ridiculous body kits, neon, stickers, etc. THEN it becomes rice

  • anten

    Because you’re stupid. Fuc#ing american morons, with their gay pink pony cars.

  • anten

    No, it doesn’t. Just because some stupid american cowards are calling “rice” every japanese car, it doesn’t mean that puting any aftermarket wings, spoilers, mufflers, rims, stickers etc. makes you “bad”. Rice is just dumb american state of mind, created by fu%king muscle/pony car cowards. As a matter of fact, today, the term “rice” is so overused, that it means nothing bad. I see perfectly clean modified Hondas and some fags are calling it “rice”, I see Nissan drift cars and some stupid morons are calling it “rice”, I see new completly stock japanese cars and some douchebags are calling it “rice”, I see classic japanese cars just like AE86, Hakosuka etc. and some pathetic idiots are calling it “rice”. So today “rice” means just stunning japanese car. There is nothing bad about rice, ricers etc.

    I rather be a ricer, have a riced car and be an enthusiast, than to be pathetic pony/mucle car coward and loser who is afraid of small Hondas.

  • Dominic Brissette

    I agree with you but I didn’t say “puting any aftermarket wings, spoilers, mufflers, rims, stickers etc. makes you “bad”.”, i said ridiculous body kits and things like neons.

    Not only that but I’ve seen more “riced out” US-made cars like mustangs than japanese cars (even a fucking Pontiac Aztec)

  • Mark S

    Think an STI is possible but agree will not be 300hp + deal.

  • Mark S

    200hp is not bad, more torque would be nice.

  • tony

    dare someone to call an r34 skyline rice..

  • Gryphon

    The Veloster Turbo has considerable more Tork then a 86 but still had slower 0-60 times by a second our more and the Scion crushed it in the corner… this engine is not solely about raw hp it’s about low center of gravity, placement, gear ratio etc… add a few sensible mods and tires cat zips…

  • smartacus

    I agree, but it’s still cheaper and faster (and even more fuel efficient) to just buy a Mustang Ecoboost than to buy the 86

  • Benski

    If you want more torque from an FRS all you have to do is install a lightweight aftermarket drive shaft and a lightweight aftermarket pulley kit.
    For more horse power install a dyno tested air intake and exaust system.
    A stage 1 Cosworth kit is what I am planning for.
    Two of my friends have all of these mods but not the Cosworth kit and they are completely satisfied with their FRS and BRZ.
    Their cars are achieving 250hp without turbo charging or chipping and so their warranties are still intact, I did not believe them until they asked me to drive their cars.
    There was a significant difference between their cars and mine witch is still in it’s stock
    form for now.
    Most people these days are ignorant about cars like the FRS, they need to be educated. The FRS is a monospeck tuner car right from the factory, this is what it was meant to be from the beginning. It is what makes the car affordable.
    A blank canvas is a whole lot less expensive than the finished work of art that we can
    make the FRS to become. Taking our time to build up the FRS to what we would like it to be as the monetary funds become available.
    Please stop complaining and just buy an FRS already, for we are lucky that such a car even exists and it would be a tragedy if such a car never existed again!

  • Mark S

    Have read that you can improve the air intake and get some more power. Does the OEM exhaust really restrict the FR-S such that you can gain that more power by going aftermarket? I know you can improve the sound (like the Perrin products) but not sure how much less restrictive aftermarkets are. Maybe changing full exhaust system, headers back is the way to go (I have been spending way too much time on FT86)? Been watching the Winding Roads project car and the ability switch fuels looks good, though pricey. Will take a look at the Cosworth kit, but to be honest, I am enjoying the FR-S in stock (only two months of ownership). Just like in my old Miata, if I need to accelerate, I drop a gear….not really rocket science.

  • smartacus

    A blank canvas Mustang EcoBoost 2.3 is faster and cheaper; more horsepower and gets better gas mileage.

  • Dave P

    the FR-S weighs only 2800 pounds, giving it about 75hp per 1000#. It’s not an American muscle car, but I bet I could negotiate West Virginia’s route 39 much more quickly in an FR-S than in the car pictured on the left, which goes VERY fast in a straight line.

  • Dave P

    If it made 400hp out of the box, it would cost an extra 15 grand.