Apple Watch User Ticketed While Driving

Apple Watch User Ticketed While Driving

Apple Watch users might want to use caution when using their smartwatch behind the wheel.

An Apple Watch user, Jeffrey Macesin, received a ticket in Quebec, Canada for using his smartwatch to change songs while driving. The ticket was for $120 and four points on his license as the officer charged him under the section of the Quebec Highway Safety Code that says, “no person may, while driving a road vehicle, use a hand-held device that includes a telephone function.” It raises the question of whether a smartwatch is considered a hand-held item, considering it’s a watch and is bound to a user’s wrist.

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Traffic lawyer Avi Levy agrees that the law isn’t clear and this new generation of wearables will result in disputes on distracted driving. “I’m not convinced that the Apple Watch itself is a phone,” Levy said in an interview with CTV News. “It’s rather a Bluetooth device that communicates the telephone signal from the phone and it has been established under the law that you are allowed to use Bluetooth devices.”

Expect regulation to step in at some point in the near future as wearables become more common now that both Google Wear devices and the Apple Watch are becoming more popular.

[Source: CTV News]

  • Eric Cameron

    I’m glad he was ticketed. Watches don’t just tell time anymore. If you’re fiddling with your watch while driving, it’s distracted driving. It forces someone to take their eyes off the road for extended periods. The Apple Watch now has apps to fiddle with.

    Please just drive and keep two hands on the steering wheel… /sigh