Aston Martin DBX Won’t Use Mercedes Platform

The Aston Martin DBX won’t use a platform borrowed from Mercedes-Benz.

Speaking to¬†Automotive News Europe, Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer said that the company will likely modify its new sports car platform for the production DBX crossover, rather than use the SUV underpinnings from Mercedes-Benz. According to Palmer, the DBX will be more crossover than SUV, adding that Mercedes-Benz’s SUVs “clearly sit in a very different space to the one we want to go to. They are very much an SUV and we don’t want an SUV.”

Aston Martin wants its DBX crossover to reflect the company’s sports heritage and believes buyers should feel like they are sitting in a car rather than “on the car.”

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Currently, the British automaker is developing a new architecture to replace the current platform being used for its luxury sports cars, with the first model using the new platform likely to be the successor to the DB9 coupe. Expect that model to go on sale next year and we’ve already seen spy photos of it being tested.

As a result, Aston Martin is exploring whether that platform can be modified for accommodate the DBX’s production and will use extruded and cast aluminum to help reduce weight. The DBX crossover is expected to go on sale in 2019.

[Source: Automotive News Europe]

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