Audi Creates Batch of E-Gas Called ‘E-Benzin’

Audi Creates Batch of E-Gas Called ‘E-Benzin’

Audi continues to move forward with the development of sustainable, synthetic fuels.

Last month, the German automaker created the first batch of e-diesel, a synthetic diesel fuel that uses CO2 and water as the only raw materials for its creation. Now, along with partner Global Bioenergies, the first batch of Audi “e-benzin” has been manufactured, synthetically produced without the use of petroleum. According to Audi, it is 100 percent iso-octane and has an outstanding octane rating of RON 100. In addition, the e-benzin has no sulfur or benzene, allowing it to burn very cleanly.

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With its high octane rating, the fuel can be used in high-compression ratio engines for enhanced efficiency and the company will move forward by testing the new fuel in the lab and test engines. The two companies will also find ways to modify the process so that it requires no biomass, instead requiring just water, hydrogen, CO2 and sunlight.

“Global Bioenergies has demonstrated the viability of the Audi ‘e-benzin’ production process,” said Reiner Mangold, Head of Sustainable Product Development at Audi AG. “That is a big step in our Audi e-fuels strategy.”

In addition to e-benzin and e-diesel, Audi is also working on e-ethanol production.

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