Buick Regal Tops List of First-Year Trade-Ins


Over 10 percent of Buick Regal owners are getting rid of their cars after one year of ownership.

According to a recent report from iSeeCars.com, 2.7 percent of all new vehicle owners are selling their cars or trading them in after owning them for one year. Even more surprising are the cars on the list range from $18,000 to $45,000 and include subcompacts, crossovers and luxury sedans. An average of 8.9 percent of Chevrolet Sonic owners are getting rid of their vehicles after one year of ownership, which is three times more than the average among all vehicles.

Perhaps a surprise to some, the BMW X1 compact crossover isn’t the Ultimate Driving Machine for 7.8 percent of its owners. Again, it could be a size issue with the X1 being the smallest crossover in the German automaker’s lineup and owners looking to trade up to something larger. Following the X1 is the Dodge Charger at an average of 7.7 percent.

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Mercedes-Benz’s C-Class sedan makes an appearance on the list with 7.4 percent of owners selling or trading it back in for another vehicle after a year. It is worth noting that the C-Class was revamped for the 2015 model year and owners might have wanted to upgrade to the newly redesigned model. In sixth place is the Chevrolet Cruze, which like the Mercedes C-Class, was recently updated. An average of 7.2 percent of owners sold or traded in their Cruzes after one year and don’t be surprised if compact crossovers is a good reason for it.

Finally, the Nissan Frontier saw 6.9 percent of its owners getting rid of the pickup after one year of ownership and likely part of the reason is how outdated the model is. The Japanese automaker hasn’t given the Frontier any major updates since 2005 and has fallen behind in the compact pickup category.

While the reasons for owners to get rid of their vehicles after just one year of ownership can vary, all seven of the models mentioned received average or below average ratings by owners surveyed for the J.D. Power 2014 U.S. Initial Quality Study.

[Source: Forbes]

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  • craigcole

    “Well, that’s not a Buick!” Yeah, you’re right; it’s an Opel.

  • seavegas

    BMW X1 and Mercedes C class are not remotely luxury cars. They are pieces of garbage that people spent idiotic sums of money on, thinking they are buying luxury. Then they realize they got garbage.