Chevy Small Sports Car Not a Priority: Exec

Chevy Small Sports Car Not a Priority: Exec

It doesn’t look like a small, lightweight rear-wheel drive Chevy sports car is in the cards, at least for now. 

Chevy hinted at a possible small sports car with the Code 130R Concept which was revealed at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show, but the company can’t currently justify bringing a model like that to production.

“Capital is not a black hole,” GM product chief Mark Reuss told Automotive News. “On those cars, the price point begins to approach the segment of the next car up. We would spend a lot of money and resources, and what are we really doing?” Small sports cars tend to see a sales spike in the beginning followed by a large drop off in sales, as evidenced by the Scion FR-S. Year-to-date, FR-S sales are down 27 percent.

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Currently, the sportiest small car Chevy offers is the Sonic RS, essentially an appearance package with retuned suspension. It keeps the stock engine, which makes just 138 hp, a far cry from the 200 plus horsepower made by the other cars in the segment.

Reuss personally likes the idea for a small sports car that would compete in the mid-$20,000 arena against the likes of the Scion FR-S and wouldn’t rule it out entirely.”The real question is: Is that a big priority? For now, no,” he said. “Forever? I wouldn’t say that.”

[Source: Automotive News]

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  • craigcole

    With the Corvette and a brand-new Camaro they really don’t need a smaller sports car; the volume would probably be prohibitively small.

  • smartacus

    They are reacting to weak Toyobaru sales

  • Tim Lange

    Just bring back the Pontiac Solstice, roadster and coupe.

  • papagrune123

    they already have the Saturn Sky and Pontiac Solstice, that might just need a up date. Make one a Chevy and the other a Buick… Buick has had Sport Cars before.and Muscle cars very little development costs… They could even look at Holden before they fold up and if they would even talk to GM now.

  • Resa

    Chevy needs to make Lightning macqueen shaped car 😛 i would buy it 😀