Corvette Museum to Recreate Sinkhole Experience


The Chevrolet Corvette Museum is embracing the idea of making lemonade out of life’s lemons.

After suffering a catastrophic sinkhole that swallowed numerous collector Corvettes, the National Corvette Museum (NCM) has been making the best out of a bad situation. NCM left the sinkhole exposed after it opened and that attracted 251,258 visitors. But the hole is closed now and the museum is looking for a new way to attract visitors.

As a result, it is creating what NCM officials call the “Thunderdome,” which will be a unique multimedia experience that recreates the sinkhole experience. Essentially it’ll be a smaller version of the Skydome and 15 guests at a time will be able to enjoy a simulation of the sinkhole that ate up eight Corvettes.

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To give the best vantage point of what happened during the sinkhole event, the Thunderdome experience will take place in a simulated underground cave. Not only will it be a novel way to embrace what happened to the museum, it’ll be informational as well. The exhibit will go into detail on how caves, sinkholes and karst landscapes occur. According to NCM, the exhibit is aiming to open this fall.

[Source: GM Authority]

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    Hey I clicked on here expecting to find a multi-media experience about the electric car. Sinkhole experience, my petunias.