Extreme Driving Simulator Can Break Your Wrists

Extreme Driving Simulator Can Break Your Wrists

There’s a new driving simulator that is realistic enough to cause you bodily harm if you aren’t careful during a crash.

The latest creation from CXC Simulations is the Motion Pro II, which is priced from $54,000 and features a new force feedback steering controller that lets the user check out over 1,000 different cars ranging from classic to modern, street cars to legendary race machines including F1 competitors. According to CXC, the latest steering system that directly connects a direct-drive servo motor to the steering shaft, can deliver 16 Nm of physical feedback, enough to mimic the destructive forces of a real-world crash. If the company chose to crank up the feedback that high, hitting a wall in an IndyCar could break your wrists, said former racer and CXC founder, Chris Considine. “It’s the first time we’ve been able to replicate racing forces so high that it introduces liability questions,” he told IEEE Spectrum.

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The Motion Pro II is capable of simulating up to 2 g’s of lateral force while seat belt tensioners simulate powerful braking forces. The Panoramic video screens accompany a powerful 5.1 surround system while an i7-equipped computer powers the entire rig.

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