Ford EV Patents Opened to Competitors

Ford EV Patents Opened to Competitors

Ford has opened up its portfolio of electric vehicle (EV) patents to the auto industry in hopes of speeding up development. 

The American brand holds more than 650 electrified vehicle patents with approximately 1,000 patent applications pending. Last year alone, Ford filed for 400 EV patents, about 20 percent of its overall patent filings in 2014.

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“Innovation is our goal,” said Kevin Layden, director, Ford Electrification Programs. “The way to provide the best technology is through constant development and progress. By sharing our research with other companies, we will accelerate the growth of electrified vehicle technology and deliver even better products to customers.”

Parties interested in reviewing these patents must contact Ford’s technology commercialization and licensing office, or work though a service called AutoHarvest, which is an automaker derived collaborative idea and licensing marketplace. Accessing the patents will come with a fee.

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