Former Top Gear Hosts in Talks with Netflix for New Show

Former Top Gear Hosts in Talks with Netflix for New Show

The three former Top Gear hosts are reportedly in talks with Netflix to launch a new show about cars. 

According to the Mirror, the show may be called House of Cars, in a nod to the Netflix original series House of Cards. 

James May, Richard Hammond and Jeremy Clarkson along with former executive producer Andy Wilman have been in talks with both ITV and Netflix for a new show, though talks with ITV have broken down. “The headache with ITV is going to be the potential conflicts of interest with advertisers,” said an unnamed source. “What would they do if Jaguar or Volvo had a sponsorship deal but they wanted to berate its latest new car?”

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Netflix offers a paid subscription to its users so it doesn’t use advertising, making it a better fit for the show.

The BBC will continue Top Gear with three new hosts. The replacement process for Clarkson, Hammond and May is said to be nearing the final stages.

Jeremy Clarkson physically assaulted a Top Gear producer in March, leading the BBC to not renew his contract. The other two hosts followed suit by not renewing their contracts with the BBC.

[Source: Mirror]

  • smartacus

    BBC is gonna be dismantled soon anyway since everything is going digital. Public airwave broadcasting is on its way out.
    *But even if it weren’t; BBC should be abolished anyway.
    **The new TOP GEAR presenters will have to legally change their names to Jack Laaame

  • Auto Motive

    Nothing was more boring then these hosts and their sour humor. IN addition nothing British can be a hit with us Americans. Have you ever watched DR Who?????