Google’s Self-Driving Car Heading to Public Streets

Google’s Self-Driving Car Heading to Public Streets

Google’s self-driving car will begin testing on public streets this summer.

The company has announced that its safety drivers will begin testing fully self-driving vehicle prototypes on the streets of Mountain View, California this summer after undergoing rigorous testing at Google’s test facilities. The self-drivingĀ car that Google will be testing will feature the same software that its existing fleet of self-driving Lexus RX450h SUVs uses, which has logged nearly a million autonomous miles on the roads.

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Each prototypes will have their speed capped at a neighborhood-friendly 25 mph and during the next phase of the project, Google will have safety drivers aboard with a removable steering wheel, accelerator pedal and brake pedal all installed so that they can takeĀ over driving if necessary.

Google hopes in the coming years to launch small pilot programs with its prototypes to learn what people would do with vehicles like this.

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  • The future never looks exciting whenever i see this google self-driving car, especially for anyone whom likes driving


    for elderly people not wanting / not able to drive and especially for those elderly people living in rural areas this is actually going to be a major life improvement – if and whenever it reaches that stage

  • Mike

    This is just the beginning. Give it time.

  • Stephen YCheck

    This is great! I know a lot of people who run insurance sales teams for the elderly. A feature for the insurance companies currently on the list (that the state plans doesnt offer ) is transportation to and from the doctors office. Some of the drivers are not that reliable at times (depending on the service/driver). This little machine is going to revolutionize travel for everyone, not just the elderly. It’s going to be perfect for car shares. The stationary spots that zip currently has at prime locations can be moved to remote locations (currently zipcar needs prime spots so they are easy to pickup and return.) But with this feature of auto driving, they can pick u up at ur door and drop you off then return to a remote location to recharge or go directly to its next car share request. Also with app’s ability to accept a destination, the apps will know to only send a car to a requester if it has enough energy to get to the location and then back to a open refill hot spot. So many possibilities! I can’t wait for these cars to take off!