Mazda2 Dropped from US Market


The redesigned Mazda2 won’t make it to U.S. dealerships.

The Japanese automaker has given the model the axe in the U.S. as cheaper gas prices and tight supplies from a new factory in Salamanca, Mexico make the model a less attractive offering for Mazda.

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According to Robert Davis, Mazda’s senior vice-president of U.S. operations, executives in the U.S. last year decided the Mazda2 wasn’t a priority despite getting redesigned.

“We could have had it, but we would have had a number that didn’t make much sense with 600 dealers and with the marketing it takes to launch a new car,” said Davis in an interview with Automotive News. “I wanted to allocate resources to those products that make us and our dealers considerably more profit than a Mazda2 does.”

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The subcompact Mazda2 wasn’t a strong competitor in the market for Mazda, having sold just 13,615 units last year. With supplies now gone, the company moved just 21 units in April 2015. Now, since the Mazda2 will be sold in Puerto Rico, the company has already tested it to meet U.S. safety and environmental standards, if it ever decides to sell it in the U.S.

One version of the subcompact will be available, in the form of the Scion iA that is based on the Mazda2.

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[Source: Automotive News]

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  • Jonny_Vancouver

    Is anybody else in shock? I never saw this coming. With such a bold move, I’m going to expect more from the models they do offer here, and I hope it pays off. Mazda brings some much needed, healthy competition to the market.

  • smartacus

    No, the decision has nothing to do with the xA 🙂

  • Mike

    I was really considering this car. What a shame.

  • Pedro

    Maybe Mazda and Toyota probably had some sort of agreement that the 2016 Mazda 2 and the 2016 Toyota Yaris 4 Door Sedan/Scion iA would just be competing against each other even though fundamentally both are the same cars except the Mazda 2 was supposed to only be offered in 5 Door Hatchback form while the Toyota/Scion in 4 Door Sedan form.

  • Jeff T

    Hear that America. We have igloos, parkas, and Mazda 2’s in Canada! Maybe one day we will get one of those fancy smart phone thingys.

  • Kinetis

    I assume the CX-3 is still on for the US? It’s all about the crossovers. I think that’s what “more profitable” is referring to.

  • ivanjaen

    So, since fuel is less expensive lets go back to cars that use more fuel and when prices go up again, because they WILL, Mazda will have to rethink all this again and waste time while Toyota sells a billion Yaris and Honda sells the Fit. Seems like Mazda needs me to be their advisor.

  • ivanjaen

    I feel in a couple years time they will regret this. The Mazda2 is a great vehicle and the new SkyActiv engines are perfectly suited for the US.

  • Mike Schlee

    That’s exactly it. Similar in size, the CX-3 is the more attractive offering in the US since it’s a crossover.

  • J Licciardi Martinez

    Good. That car is hideous. I’ll stick with my 96 Miata ME

  • Steve Brown

    Hmmm … you think the mazda 2 is a competitor for the miata ? Why ?

  • Steve Brown

    exactly, toyota will sell more ‘scion-mazdas’ than mazda ever could.