Porsche Developing Next-Gen Cruise Control


Porsche wants to inject excitement into its cruise control system while also conserving fuel. 

The German automaker is working on a next-generation cruise control system called InnoDrive which will be able to handle cornering up to 0.70 g, allowing for minimum deceleration in corners which will result in less fuel consumption.

InnoDrive is currently under development on winding two-lane roads outside Weissach, Germany. The system uses data from the navigation system – the grade of the pavement and the radius of a turn – to help the onboard computers set the ideal speed for cruising and for 0.50 g turns, the approximate lateral limit in the middle of the three driver-selectable modes. The most efficient setting can take corners at 0.70 g.

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According to Car and Driver, the system is being developed to drive to a destination as quickly as possible while using the least amount of gas. The automaker claims that InnoDrive can diminish fuel consumption by 10 percent while shortening drive time by two percent by minimizing deceleration while cornering and accelerating quickly over short periods of time. In other words, the cruise control system will know when it’s fuel-efficient for wide-open throttle and when the best time to use the brakes is when entering cities.

More importantly, the development of such a system benefits autonomous vehicles, meaning that they might not be the boring self-driving cars that many are envisioning.

[Source: Car and Driver]

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  • Mark S

    This could be great tech, but many folks will require an extra pair of pants cornering at 0.7G?