Rolls-Royce Wraith Gets ‘Inspired by Fashion’

Rolls-Royce has created yet another special Wraith model.

Following up on the British automaker’s previous Wraith “Inspired by Film,” this time around Rolls-Royce has built a Wraith “Inspired by Fashion,” pointing out that the company and the world of fashion share a common philosophy: to take the very finest materials and craft them into the most exquisite and desirable luxury goods.

For the Wraith Inspired by Fashion, Rolls-Royce gave the luxury coupe a two-tone exterior color scheme consisting of Andalucian White and Arctic White while buyers will have a choice of accent colors including Jasmine, Tailored Purple or Mugello Red. The company will also highlight the Wraith’s signature shoulder line with a hand-applied feature-line in the chosen highlight shade.

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Like fashion, the Wraith’s beauty has been exemplified in the subtlest details. Inside houses a classic Arctic White and Black interior color scheme with the accent color found on the steering wheel. The car’s front and rear door pockets have been adorned with fine silk while the Bespoke Clock has been set like a piece of jewelry, styled exclusively to emit a pearl effect.

To really show off the Wraith Inspired by Fashion, the British automaker did a photo shoot on the production line at the Home of Rolls-Royce in the South of England. Naturally it incorporated fashion models set against a backdrop of hand-made motor cars.

“This iteration of Wraith provides a canvas for materials and finishes most commonly associated with the world of fashion,” said Giles Taylor, Director of Design for Rolls-Royce Motor Cars. “Inspiration was sourced from international catwalks and Bespoke Tailors, resulting in an aesthetically stunning and sartorially on-point motor car.”

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