Top 10 Cheapest Pickup Trucks

Top 10 Cheapest Pickup Trucks

When it comes to getting work done, there’s no better vehicle than the pickup truck.  

But who says you have to drop down a ton of cash to get your perfect work truck? Here’s a list of the ten most affordable pickups you can buy. Now most of these are pretty basic models, with two-wheel drive, but an upgrade to four-wheel drive isn’t too expensive. Take a look below. All prices in our list of top 10 cheapest pickup trucks include destination.

Nissan Titan S King Cab Standard Box: $30,735

2014 Nissan Titan

The Nissan Titan starts our list off with its price tag of $30,735 including destination. For that price you get a truck with a very capable V8 engine that makes 317 hp and 385 lb-ft of torque. The most affordable Titan is the S King Cab model with the standard box. If you want a bigger cab, you can expect to pay an extra $2,420 while opting to get four-wheel drive will set you back $2,850.

Toyota Tundra SR Regular Cab: $29,460


Toyota’s big Tundra squeezes in at less than 30 grand including destination, but for that price you’re stuck with the SR trim. The most affordable SR model comes with the regular Cab and long bed. Opting to get the double cab will set you back $150, but you’ll also be able to equip your Tundra SR with a bigger bed and 4×4 with that configuration.

GMC Sierra 1500 Regular Cab Standard Box: $27,865


GMC’s professional grade half-ton pickup costs just $27,865. That price gets you a 4×2 powered truck that uses a 3.6-liter V6 engine. If you want the 4×4 model, you’ll have to spend an extra $3,940. While the most affordable Sierra sports a regular cab, the double cab is a whopping $4,025 more while the long box is just $390 extra.

Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Regular Cab Standard box: $27,365


At just $500 less than its corporate cousin, the Chevy Silverado isn’t very different. It too, is the most affordable as a regular cab, standard box model. Upgrading to the long box is also just $390 extra. Opting to get 4×4 instead of the two-wheel drive model adds $3,850.

F-150 XL Regular Cab, 6-1/2′ Box $26,995


The Ford F-150 comes in the middle of our list, at just under 26,995. That price tag gets you a regular cab with a 6.5-foot box and the 3.5-liter V6 engine under the hood that sends 282 HP to the rear wheels. If that’s not enough, the F-150 can be outfitted to fit your needs though. Choosing to get the more powerful 2.7-liter EcoBoost V6 costs just $795 while the V8 engine will set you back just $1,595. If you want a 4×4 model you will have to spend an extra $4,645. If you need more space in the cab, the SuperCab configuration will cost $4,060 over the regular cab, while the 8 foot box costs just $300 more.

Ram 1500 Tradesman $26,605


The most affordable Ram 1500 is the Tradesman model, which sports a regular cab and 6’4” box for just $26,605. Fortunately if you need more hauling space, the eight-foot box is no extra charge. On the other hand if you need more cab space, the quad cab model which comes with the 6’4” box will set you back $4,235. Finally if you want all four wheels of your Ram to be powered by that 3.6-liter V6 engine, you’ll have to fork over an extra $4,470.

GMC Canyon Extended Cab $21,880


Are those half-ton pickup trucks still too expensive for you? Then maybe these compact trucks will do the trick. The GMC Canyon, along with its corporate cousin the Colorado has been revived for this model year, with the more expensive of the duo coming in at just $21,880. That gets you a Canyon with the 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine and extended cab setup. The crew cab with the short box is an extra $4,250 more; while opting to get a 4×4 Canyon will set you back a whopping $6,980.

Toyota Tacoma Access Cab $21,850


The Tacoma is the current king of the small pickup segment, but tough competition from General Motors is finally here. Fortunately for Toyota, it still undercuts the Canyon, if just. Coming in at $21,850 the Tacoma Access Cab model is pretty basic, but if you need a bigger cab you can pay just $2,895 more. If you need an all-wheel drive Tacoma, expect to put down an extra $3,835.

Chevrolet Colorado Extended Cab Long Box: $20,995


Chevy’s small pickup comes in at just under $21,000 and sports the extended cab, long box setup. It costs $4,210 more to get the crew cab short box configuration, while getting the crew cab, long box configuration will set you back $5730. Interestingly, the Colorado gets pretty expensive with options, even adding four-wheel drive to the base model costs $6,765.

Nissan Frontier S King Cab standard box: $18,875

2012 Nissan Frontier King Cab

There’s a Nissan on both ends of this list. The often forgotten Frontier is particularly affordable at $18,875 with destination. That model sports a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine, and is configured with the king cab and standard box. If you want to get either the crew cab or 4×4, Nissan will also throw in its 4.0-liter V6, but that throws the price up to $22,000.

  • smartacus

    i can’t remember the name of the little pickup that Rex from Rex-Kwan-Do owned in the movie Napoleon Dynamite.

  • Diesel Driver

    I want to know when I can get one of those eco-boost V-6’s as a crate engine so I can put it in my 69 mustang in place of the 250″ inline 6 it has now. That would really be fun.

  • mlewis73

    All too expensive for just basic trucks… New vehicle prices have, in general, gotten out of line with incomes. Trucks are the worst in this regard.

  • Mark Holloway

    Good point… My 2003 F150 cost 12500 new. Will probably never have a new truck again!

  • Jeremy

    I think that was a Subaru brat

  • smartacus

    thanks Jeremy. it was the Subaru Brat 🙂

  • lohchief

    The base engine for the silverado/sierra is the 4.3L V6,not the 3.6L V6. The 3.6 is optional on the colorado/canyon.

  • MiggyCabby24

    And used trucks are damn near as high as new ones. I priced a 2010 loaded Silverado with 83,000 miles at $20,000. The prices are insane, new or used.

  • sootsme

    ’86 F250 6.9 Diesel 4×4 long bed standard trans. $500.00 + a $20 heater core. Changed oil & drove from Utah to Canada & back, then daily driver going on 2 years. Oh yeah, 2 tires $400.00. Works for me…as does the stock AM/FM cassette…I hate payments…