Toyota, Mazda Could Expand Partnership to Fuel Cell Vehicles

Mazda might be the next automaker to offer a fuel cell vehicle.

The Japanese automaker is in talks with Toyota on expanding its technology partnership to cover fuel-cell vehicles. Both companies are currently involved in a technology and production collaboration, but Toyota is considering sharing its fuel cell and plug-in hybrid technology with Mazda as well. In exchange, Mazda will offer its fuel-efficient gasoline and diesel engine technology under its SkyActiv series.

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Toyota is currently the only automaker that has a mass-market fuel cell vehicle with the Mirai. According to a report, Mazda has been trying to develop fuel cell vehicles on its own but is looking to save on costs by working with Toyota. With the introduction of the Mirai, Toyota is already sharing some of its patents on the fuel-cell technology in hopes that it’ll expedite development of infrastructure.

The Toyota Mirai will begin deliveries this October and will initially be available at eight dealerships in California. The Japanese automaker is limiting the Mirai to about 3,000 units in the U.S. through 2017 and the hydrogen fuel cell vehicle will cost $58,325 before any incentives, including destination.

[Source: Automotive News]

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