2016 Audi A4 Spied in Broad Daylight


An all-new Audi A4 is coming and we have spy photos showing the car testing. 

Codenamed “B9,” the new A4 will ride on Audi’s new MLB modular architecture that will use aluminum and composite material to help the car lose between 200 and 250 lbs. The front end of the new A4 looks to take its styling cues from the recently revealed Q7 with its more angular design.

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This same platform, also known as the MLB Evo, will eventually underpin the majority of Audi’s lineup, with the new Q7 being the first vehicle to use it.

Like the current A4, a range of gasoline and diesel engines will be offered with the car along with a plug-in hybrid setup. An A4 Avant and a sporty S4 will also be available, while an RS4 is a likely addition.

The new A4 will debut at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show in September.

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  • marone

    So it’s basically A3 and A6 merged into one

  • Rickers

    All Audis look the same. What else is new…

  • Blackster

    Yeah, because the C-, E-, and S-class look totally different…
    Just as the 3-, 5-, and 7-series…

  • RoadOfMajor

    uhh other than the front and rear lights becoming smaller + slanted, it looks virtually identical like the current one.

  • Omar Steele

    it already looks out dated, Audi i falling way back on designs compared to Bmw and Mercedes

  • jaeger0416

    I don’t really have an issue with the looks of the current B8.

    Or the B5.

    Seriously, though, it’s all in the design. Some are timeless, some aren’t.

  • bd

    At the same time, it’s not like BMW or MB’s designs have been anything to look at either.

  • tommyt

    Does the A stand for ‘awful’ ? It’s a cheap as chips change and looks it. It won’t get a second glance out on the road. Surely it could have been more dynamic. The design team must have completed this update in their tea break. Just another boring old mans car. I have been waiting on this car with a view to buy– not now and will be looking elsewhere. Jaguar XE ??? C class ??? BMW 3 ??? Buying the Audi would be like buying a 10 year old car that’s been stored since new. Sorry Audi, you missed a great chance to go tops in this sector. So dull and out of date, and it’s not even in the showrooms yet.

  • hecep

    The external changes for the 2016 vehicle don’t look significantly different from last year’s (or – for that matter – the year before), and you’ve called this one “just another boring old mans car”. And you’ve “been waiting on this car with a view to buy new”. From this, and given your acutely profound and clearly expressed disappointment, a reasonably intelligent person can conclude that you were waiting around for miraculous cosmetic changes (never even hinted at in any Audi press reports) to be made to what was already “just another boring old mans car”. Does that pretty much nail it? Because anyone who knows anything about Audi, knows any changes they make are incremental and always with an eye on not alienating their customer base. It sounds like any huge disappointment you feel is entirely your own doing.

  • smaller_government


  • craigcole

    Uh-oh, I thought this was a photo of the new Nissan Maxima … that bulging hood is odd on an Audi.