2016 Chevy Volt MPG Specs Quietly Updated

2016 Chevy Volt MPG Specs Quietly Updated

A quiet update of the 2016 Chevy Volt’s spec sheet suggests that the new range-extended hybrid will have better fuel economy than first projected. 

The car is now listed at 106 MPGe, up from the original estimate of 102 MPGe. On gasoline only, the spec sheet was changed to read 43 MPG combined, but was later edited back to the original estimated rating of 41 MPG, suggesting that this may have been an early, unintended reveal of the Volt’s true fuel economy.

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We have not finalized numbers yet,” GM spokeswoman Michelle Malcho told Hybrid Cars. “We expect to announce in July. The MOL number was posted in mistake and not a final number.”

Horsepower has jumped by one to sit at 150 on the updated Volt spec sheet, while torque has been dropped by a single digit to sit at 293. As for range, the car’s gas/electric range was changed to 420 miles, but was also eventually edited to sit back at 430 miles.

Orders are already being taken for the car in California, where it will go on sale in August. The rest of the country will begin receiving the 2016 Volt in November.

[Source: GM-Volt via Hybrid Cars]

  • Wish they’d offer a 7 seater built on this plug in hybrid frame!